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Hi all, I am new to I found you through I keep a general blog on livejournal and I get overwhelmed by all the possible places to blog, so I am not sure how much I will update here, although for a while it might be a lot because I am thinking about diabetes a lot right now. :(

My diabetes story:

My parents are both Type 2 diabetics who use insulin. They've both had Type 2 I would say for about 20 years? I have one brother who is Type 2 on insulin, and 6 others who are pre-diabetic or diabetic like me.)

I have always struggled with my weight and was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) in my mid-20s when my husband and I first began to try to have children. When I did get pregnant finally for the first time (metformin, clomid and IUI), I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at the routine screening point at somewhere between 24-28 weeks pregnant. I was able to control it with diet for a while, but had to go on insulin after about a month. My baby was delivered by emergency c-section, without any BG problems and was 7 lbs, 8 oz.

After that pregnancy, I returned to normal from a blood sugar perspective. The fertility aspects of PCOS seemed to be mitigated by the first pregnancy. I've heard a lot of women say that, though I've never seen any evidence-based reasoning for why this happens. I got pregnant again quickly with child #2. We were on the lookout for GD this time, based on my history, I was started on insulin much earlier in the pregnancy, I want to say like 12-14 weeks. It was a longer road with more insulin this time. Again, baby born healthy, and was 8 lbs 1 oz. delivered VBAC this time. (it was great!) My blood sugar went back to normal after that pregnancy, too.

There is a six almost seven year gap between my second and third children. Somewhere mid-way between them, I began to have some other issues -- my blood sugars climbed into the prediabetes range, my blood pressure became borderline and I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had to go on CPAP.

Still the fertility symptoms of PCOS had left me -- when we decided in 2006 to try for a 3rd child we got pregnant quickly, but based on being pre-diabetic and almost verging on T2 levels, I was immediately referred over to a diabetes center as soon as conception was confirmed....not because of the docs but because I was vigilant. I shudder to think what might have been possible for my baby if I had not been so aware of this myself. Conception was like an immediate trigger for full-blown blood sugar issues, due to the progesterone. I tested + for pregnancy on Nov 5th, and was on fairly large doses of insulin right away, by Thanksgiving. My resistance was high and it was a struggle, but we were managing it. (with my great CDE!) She suggested a pump in late January, and I was started on a Paradigm 722 by the end of February. It helped me manage the blood sugars despite insane resistance. By the end, I was taking 280-300 units of insulin through the pump.

I learned through that experience that pumps are great but still are not designed for people with extreme resistance as in GD. Toward the end, I blew past the carb ratio presets and had to manually bolus extra to keep things in control. I feven triggered the max insulin alarm a few times, and the pump would stop delivering insulin, toward the end. I think I should have got a cozmo pump as those seemed to allow for a bit more flexilbility for delivery. My son was born very healthy and weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, again delivered via emergency c-section after a long labor (almost 24 hours). My blood sugars were a bit slower to return to the prediabetes range. I stayed on the pump for a few weeks after pregnancy. However, once nursing really settled in well, I was able to be off the pump and just be on metformin. My blood sugars got down to pretty much normal ranges, apparently due to nursing.

As soon as I stopped nursing they climbed back into the high end of the prediabetic range, and I am finding in the last half of my cycles (before AF) my blood sugars climb into the diabetic range, I guess, again, due to progesterone. They go back down into prediabetic range in the early part of my cycle.

I got concerned because in the last week of my last cycle, I had a fasting BG that was 178....after several that were in the 130s, so I finally called my doctor. He had me STOP metformin for a week to see what my blood sugars did. I am not sure if it was stopping the metformin, or just where I am at in my cycle, but my BGs actually trended down over the week I was not taking the metformin. Regardless, he still believes I am now into T2 and had me finally get in to get the A1c and other bloodwork I'd been putting off.

I go in to see him next week. I also have an appt setup for the following week with a local endocrinologist, T. Steven Roosevelt ( He looks like he could be quite good but I'm not sure if I really need to see an endo or not.

Because I want to TTC a 4th and final baby, I kind of am feeling like endo might be the right way to go, because my family practice GP hasn't had a history of being very proactive or handson. My CDE I was referred to basically managed my last pregnancy, from a diabetes perspective, and the OB was more involved than the GP was. All he did (which I do appreciate) was prescribe the stuff-- the insulin, the pumps etc, So he did do that paperwork (or his staff did) which I grealy appreciate but he didn't give me much help.

I am dreading the doc appt with him because I know he's going to give me a heavy sigh on coming in the room and a lecture on weight. I don't know what my A1c or other blood work will show. I don't think the A1c could be that bad because I caught it quickly as I stopped nursing and my 14 day average has been about 128 for the last month.

I actually have dropped 10 lbs below where I was before getting PG with my 3rd baby, but that all occurred while I was nursing and my metabolism was in higher gear, because the baby weight and then some, just fell off of me after pregnancy, this has happened with each pregnancy.

I have a real problem with food and eating well. I think it will be easier to get myself to make new exercise habits than it will be to change my eating habits. I am starting with exercise habits at this point. I have major emotional eating problems (binge eating and general emotional eating) and have tried OA and WW in the past. I am discouraged by the idea of giving up my food as my form of entertainment (LOL--being brutally honest)

Anyway, that's me!

Thanks for sharing your story! You should join the OhBaby! group for pregnant women or women wanting to get pregnant… you could offer a lot of advice!

I think that it is a very good idea to go see the endo! Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for replying to my post and for sharing your story here. I hope the doctors visit goes well and hope your dream for baby #4 becomes a beautiful child.