New in TuDiabetes

Hi everyone, I just want to introduce myself in this web community with this first blog post. I’m Mario, 34 years old. I’m diabetic for 17 years now. I’m pumping for 6 years with minimed (712, 715 and 722 now). I’m a french canadian that live in Quebec city, Canada.

I tried to keep myself in good shape. I do cycling, fishing and scuba diving in summer, hockey in winter and take care of my two children !!! These keep my busy !!!

Currently, I’m making some big change in my diet. I try to reduce the amound of CH. My average was about 250-300g a day in january and now, it is between 100 and 150. This help my a lot for my HA1bc that was 7.2 in febuary. My best score in the last 3-4 years. But there is some room for more improvment !

I’m happy to found this site and look forward to share with you !!! Glad to meet you :wink:

Welcome!!! Nice to meet you too!

Welcome Mario!

Welcome, Mario. Your daughter is precious!

Great work getting your A1c down.

Welcome Mario! Glad to see you here =)

Welcome Mario! I hope that you feel right at home!