New Ink.... your input needed

For Valentines Day, my wife and I decided to give each other tattoos. Not exactly what most would think of as something you would give your loved one but we are both tattoo freaks, so that is what we both wanted. I decided that I really wanted to get another Diabetes related tattoo. I had been thinking about this one and knew that I wanted to get something with the WDD logo. I also knew that I wanted to get it on my wrist. I currently have the medical cross with the snakes and Type 1 Diabetes running through the cross. So, I sat down and started mocking up some simple ideas for the tattoo. I don’t want anything too elaborate. Something simple. after throwing a few ideas around, I have narrowed the concept down to 2 very similar ideas. What I would like is everyone opinion on which you like better.

Come check it out and comment on my blog:

New Ink

  • Chris


i like the second one. cool idea