New Insulin pump System with a touch screen PDM?

I recently read a post from someone in the UK who mentioned a new pump that was being released there sometime this year. I can’t remember the name of the pump, however I did visit the website for the pump and it was a similar system to the OmniPod. I cleaned out the history in my web browser and don’t remember who the post was from.

The major differences from OmniPod:
Pod - smaller than OmniPod
PDM - Looked more like a Blackberry or iPhone with touchscreen

It’s not the Solo pump ( I do like the size of this one and ordered a demo to take a closer look )

Anyone know what pump I’m talking about?

novocell I think. If you go to the Group “Pumping our insulin” Someone posted some info on it under new technology.

Thanks Spenser Beasley…that’s what I was looking for!