New LADA diagnosis but confused!

@rgcainmd and @David49,
How much damage can one bureaucrat in DC really do in comparison to all the local administrators and teachers who have much more direct contact with the children on a daily basis?

I highly doubt the department will be eliminated, there are WAY too many politicians on both sides of the aisle who are essentially owned by the public unions that won’t be willing to go that far.

A lot.

I am assuming that you do not have a child with diabetes in public school. I, and every other parent of a child with diabetes that I have ever known, had to fight tooth and nail and print out reams of information covering the ADA and Federal and State laws that became necessary in order to force public schools to provide our children with the basic care and accommodations required to keep them safe and provide them with equal educational opportunities. Even these laws and accommodations, along with doctor’s orders, are frequently not enough and further legal intervention (often on our dime) is required to make public schools follow the rules.

So yes, Betsy DeVos, in her infinite lack of knowledge and experience, can do a great deal of damage. Enough so that parents of children with diabetes may have no option other than to home-school their children. And most families, especially those who have to cover the extra expenses that diabetes entails, cannot afford to have only one parent working (while the other remains at home in order to home-school their child with diabetes).


Hmmm, but you and every other parent you know had to go through that BS already, in the past… so hopefully things can only get better in the future. Who was secretary of education then and how infinitely qualified for that position were they… do you even know? I don’t… I have a child in school with infinitely larger problems than diabetes and don’t have the foggiest notion who the education secretary was… thats not intended to diminish the seriousness of diabetes in school kids just to point out that the education secretary won’t change anything perceivable in your own life or your children’s and if they managed to it’d be tricky to do anything but improve the situation

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I’m not all that up to speed on ol Betsy as I’ve been at work for a few weeks strait, but isn’t what makes her controversial primarily that she supports charter schools? So of course teachers unions and public school systems are aligned against her… but aren’t those the people you had problems with? Is a charter school custom tailored to the needs of type 1 diabetic children such a terrible idea? Theyd be completing for your business with the school you had so many problems with… and if they weren’t better they wouldn’t get your business?I guess I’m don’t understand the concern?

My understanding is that charter schools have no legal obligation to follow 504 plans. And I doubt that old Betsy is suddenly going to make good charter schools available for all children across our big country for free. Where’s that funding going to come from in light of the fact that a ginormous chunk o’ change will be wasted, I mean spent, on The (unnecessary) Wall? Raised State taxes? I fear she will eff up the public school system and then take who knows how long (if ever) to establish charter schools. (And I suspect charter schools won’t be made available as quickly in areas where a significant percentage of children of color attend. Let’s remember who thetrump’s White House bestie is…) Kind of like repealing the ACA without a viable replacement available first.

And she’s not exactly a proponent of providing programs for special needs kids. (Children with D are considered “special needs” in the school system.)

“Three Federal laws – the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA),1 Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) (Title II),2 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504)3 – address the obligations of public schools, including charter schools, to meet the communication needs of students with disabilities, but do so in different ways.”

"All public charter schools and magnet schools are subject to Section 504 regardless of whether they are, for example, a school within a school district that receives ED funds or are recipients themselves. "


Good to know.

Just hope she doesn’t work on amending or repealing the ADA. As I’ve said, she’s not a fan. And I’m not a fan of people with inadequate knowledge/experience in positions where these basics should be a prerequisite. I mean, look what’s happening already… :slightly_frowning_face:

To quote Hend Amry @LibyaLiberty:

Imagine 20-40 yrs of a Trump presidency minus a legislative or judicial branche & DeVos w/free reign as education min. That’s the Mid East.

Where did the 20-40 years come from, last I heard our president is term limited to 8.
Sounds a lot like TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) on Hend Amry’s part to me.

I don’t think Betsy will have any say (outside of advocating as a citizen just like you can) in changing the ADA. She isn’t in the legislature and therefore has no authority to create laws, even if she was she’d still only have one vote.

Thank G-d! And with any luck, his term will be shorter than 4! :crossed_fingers:t4:But so much damage can be done in a vastly briefer amount of time… :slightly_frowning_face:


Like I said sounds like TDS to me.
You know, when Obama got elected a lot of us on the right (not all of us for sure) were very disappointed but we gave the guy the opportunity to prove himself. Maybe the left could show the decency to do the same thing for our legally elected current president!!! I for one am not sure yet but I’m giving the guy a chance, but thank G-d Hillary wasn’t elected, can’t imagine 4 more years of Clinton scandal and drama after having lived through it on the 90s.

I’m out now, before this thread devolves even further and I get banned for saying something I shouldn’t.

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Don’t even get me started. The majority of American’s do not agree with you. Look at the popular vote. I do not want to give anyone who is racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and homophobic a chance. It’s not like I have a choice at this juncture in time anyway.


I can’t resist one more comment.
First off the popular vote has NEVER been the method by which we elect our president, so he is the president.
Second, I can give you a whole list of pejorative adjectives about Hillary that have been spouted by the right wing media, doesn’t make them anymore true than your list about Trump spouted by the left wing media.
Third, I really wish people would slow down a little and think for themselves instead of simply following what the “side” they identify with tells them to think.
Forth, I personally think Trump is a clown and I’m embarrassed for my country that we elected him but he is the president so I’m taking a wait and see attitude, just like I did with Obama (I was embarrassed we elected him as well and no that doesn’t make me a racist).
Fifth, I didn’t have a choice after Obama was elected and the democrats unilaterally passed the ACA using lies and half truths to attempt to convince all us of it was a good thing, so welcome to the real world. As Obama so bluntly put it elections have consequences.

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Happy to hear you think Trump is a clown. There is hope for you yet.

I review both “left” and “right” media and make my own decisions. thetrump’s own words and actions demonstrate his racism.

The lies and half-truths in the ACA were attached by R’s intent on seeing it fail. Do your research.

Hasta la bye-bye, Wheelman. I’m due back in the real real world.

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The president will serve a 4 year term and if he chooses will run for reelection at that time. At that time as in all elections prior each state will cast a predetermined number of electoral votes for their preferred candidate to ensure that each state is represented in the election as was the design of this country. Hilarious the left is talking about trying to impeach a president for no legit reason other than they don’t like him. Hmm that’s kinda like the Middle East. Wouldn’t that be an awful precendent to set? That we can just overthrow our elected leaders any time we don’t like them? And not liking his policies, I can certainly understand that… the last 8 years of precedent setting executive overreach, recess appointments that had to be struck down by SCOTUS because congress wasn’t even actually in recess (and the president can’t just declare then to be, try as he did)etc etc… all starting to seem like a bit of a bad idea in hindsight aren’t they? The system has checks and balances and those are a good thing, but to the greatest extent possible they’d been systematically dismantled over the last 8 years by the left to ensure the president they loved so dearly could do whatever he wanted… seems it never occurred to them that might not always be the case

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As always, I respect your opinions, Sam19, even when I don’t agree with them. But I still count you as a good friend. :grinning:


Could we please keep the political talk off TuD when it has absolutely nothing to do with the original topic of discussion. Believe me, I have some very strong opinions about what you all are discussing, but the OP had questions about lows.


I am not on the left - I sincerely believed in giving him a chance, and I argued against protests for that precise reason. But, what the hell, he is already disgusting me by TWEETING against a judge, like he did before with the Hispanic judge. A standing president? A bully for president who is trying to delegitimize other branches of our institutions? Who can defend this kind of behavior? Can you?


don’t get me started about the president trying to delegitimize of other branches of government… trump may well be an idiot (remains to be seen). But he’s certainly nowhere near even the worst president this year on the topic of trying to diminish the legislative and judicial branches… which I agree is problematic no matter ones views

Sorry to dig up an older topic. But I wanted to ask if you knew more about LADA and pregnancy outcome?

Little history; have had 5 miscarriages of which 3 in the Netherlands and they basically didn’t care. Moved to France 3 years ago and my 4th pregnancy they did an entire work up and found anti-tpo (thyroid) through the roof and high tsh but also way too high blood sugars. Did fasting test and failed. Dx; gestational diabetes. Was put on a diet. But the meds for thyroid and the diet came too late. I miscarried at 10 weeks.

Fast forward 2 years to a 5th pregnancy. Again too high blood sugars (Especially fasting was usually above 120). So they hooked me up with testing devices but lost the baby again at 6 weeks.

Endo said; right, that’s enough. We need to figure out why you get gestational diabetes the second you get pregnant. Was admitted to hospital for a day of tests and came back positive for antibodies. Got the dx of LADA.

Am now under the care of a specialist who will be accompanying me during my journey to have my first baby.
Just got told today that my fasting sugars are consistently too high so I’ve now got an appointment on march 15 to start insuline treatment for my morning highs.

I must say I am still really concerned. I’m scared to start the insuline and I’m scared I will never be able to have a healthy baby with all these problems.

What are chances of me having a healthy baby and is there anything I can do to maximize my chances?

If anyone else has had a similar experience I would love to hear from you.