New Look

I woke up this morning to the new look of the Forums. While creativity is great, I find this text color very hard on the eyes! Anyone else feel the same way?

I thought my computer had become occupied by an alien being. I dislike the black background intensely and, yes, green on black is disturbing.

Zoe _ I just posted the same sentiments at the same time. It's scary sometimes how much we think alike!

OMG this is awful on the eyes I’m really struggling!!! Yes, it’s very pretty but this is a DIABETES website and many diabetics (including me) have big retinopathy problems, so this should be one of the last sites not to take ease of use on the eyes into account when revamping. Can’t believe it wasn’t considered! I’ve searched to see where I can contact/email to complain about this but can’t find anything…and my eyes are reaching their limits now of looking at computer screens.

PLEEEEEEEASE put it back to black lettering on white background TuDiabetes!

Thanks Zoe for making this thread.

I'll make sure the powers that be know how hard it is for many of us. I'm having the same problems.

I just think of you as a very articulate and intelligent person, Terry! But seriously, yes, I always enjoy - and learn from, your posts.

Besides unreadable, words that come to mind are garish, gaudy and tacky...

This reminds me of the "New Coke" makeover. Sometimes is not good to mess with success.

I don’t like the new colour scheme at all.

I'm getting eye fatigue really quickly. I'd have a terrible time trying to read a long blog. I like the original color scheme!

The site has a black background? I think mine is displaying wrong, then…


Light text on a dark background is not only ugly, it's almost guaranteed to cause eyestrain and headaches. That's why word processors use dark text on a white background, simulating a sheet of paper. It's not done for esthetic reasons but rather for basic ergonomics. Much easier on the eyes.

This is an experiment that should be cancelled. (And no, I don't know whose idea it was.)

We've been heard! Thank you thank you! It's so nice when a group of people speak up and then the powers-that-be (admin, employer, government) respond! Much appreciated!

I love color. When I first got online I tried experimenting with font and background colors and was quickly told it was not good reading! I currently teach an online course and it's pretty conservative color-wise, but I do often use dark purples, greens or blues in my text (on white) just to give a little flair to the site.

Yay, the original set up is back! My eyes say "Hooray"!


Thanks for posting this discussion, Zoe. This is a community that belongs to each of the users and we would normally take all of this feedback in when making design changes.

As the guy responsible for all of the visuals for DHF and TuDiabetes, I can tell you that I was equally surprised this morning. We didn't do this!

We're currently researching to see why this happened. It could be an accidental change that someone with permissions made. Or it could have something to do with the Ning network and development on their part. Are you still seeing the color change? I'm currently not displaying anything out of the ordinary on my machine.

Thanks for the response, Mike. No,as a couple others have noted, it is now back to normal on my screen. And here we were accusing someone of creativity gone wild!

I like it!

Yippeeeeee back to non-eye-strain normality! Thank you admins and thanks again Zoe for posting this thread :smiley:

Interesting, I use my kindle fire to access this site and never saw any changes to the font or background colors. Was online around 5am, 9:30 am east coast time frame. Did I miss it or was it platform dependent?

Thank you, Zoe. Your empathy and willingness to help is a true asset to this community!

Yay for the return to the old format!