New Low Symptom

I had a weird one today. I just finished riding my bike and was sitting down catching my breath. Suddenly I realized my vision was spotted, kind of like when you stare at the sun for too long. The thing is, today was cloudy and I had been inside for about 10 minutes before my vision got weird. I decided to check my bloodsugar, and sure enough, it was at 30!

It was weird, I can normally tell when I’m hypo. The only other symptom I had was getting out of breath faster than I normally would on my bike ride. I just thought it was me not used to my new bike yet (only had it for a week)

has anyone ever had spotty vision because of a hypo? I could still see just fine, and it wasn’t blurry. It was just spotted.

I’ve had a floating, fuzzy sideways yellow C in my vision when low. Pretty strange, huh?

THAT WAS IT!!! my left eye was a normal C and the right eye was a backwards C. just mine was greenish blue. glad i’m not the only one!!!

We’re brother & sister in our low vision thingy!

Be sure to stay away from the kryptonite.

Most Diabetics’ experience the common symptoms of lows like fatigue, irritability, overwhelming sadness, rapid heartbeat, perhaps numb tongue and/or lips, continually dropping the same item, feeling giggly, odd vision occurances, etc. at different times. We also experience our own Different symptoms depending how low or our state of mind at the time and during the aging process. I have had the spotted vision and most other symptoms. I have also at different times had the visual occurance of seeing 35mm film strip type total vision when low, in Really slow moving action. No logical reason for it. My brain used to kick in to tell me that I was low when this happened.

I don’t recall ever having the fuzzy sideways yellow C’s Gerri.

I have a hard time reading when I get low. When I was a bit more laid back, I’d eat, take a huge shot and wait until I couldn’t read to test my BG, find out it was low and eat some more. Those were the daze…

I saw orange people with plaid hair once too. Quite freaky.

This is my usual low symptom, but I get it at 65-70. The fun thing is to take 6 gms glucose tablets and watch the rings around them disappear by about a half minute, gone in a minute and I test at that point and I’m above 80.

Yes, sometimes after some climbing or vigorous exercise when hypo, big giant spots in my vision. I can’t really tell whether they are bright spots or dark spots… something like I had just looked at a bright light. And it’s not that they’re “really there”, it’s more that whatever is there cannot be seen. Sorta like a distortion. It’s like that spot of space was just gone, not black, just gone.

I’ve also had hypos (probably about as low as you) where my two eyes were not pointing in the same direction. That was disorienting to say the least.

LOLOLOL! When I was misdiagnosed as a Type 2 – they put me on Metformin. It did little other than changing the fluid behind my eyes – and seriously impacted my vision. But for the better!!! For almost a month I had 20/20 vision (I’ve been wearing glasses since 6th grade). When asked what was going on I would explain - -clearly, I’m turning into a super hero. Unfortunately, my vision reverted before I was able to fly.

Bottom line – hold out for the cape!

Yep, that lately, is my prime symptom of a low. Spotty is a good way to describe it.

You sure that was a low and not a “high” AR?

I don’t know about “most diabetics” but I’ve never felt sadness, dropping the same item, definitely never felt giggly. Who knows maybe I’ll feel those things in the future, though I seriously doubt the giggly one. “During the aging process”? When, exactly is that?

I am starting to get migraine-like headaches as a hypo symptom. It seems that the steeper the fall, the worse the headache.

In a way this is a good thing because I don’t get the classic hypo symptoms anymore. The headache can start even in the high 60s. Sadly, I sometimes also get the headaches when my BG is perfectly normal. Sigh. I guess there’s no actual harm in testing BG more often, especially given that I’m essentially mocking up a poor person’s CGMS.

On a bad day, I can go down to LO and not have any symptom other than a message in my brain saying ‘go and check your BG now’.

I have also had spotty vision when low–40s for me. I don’t always have symptoms when 50s-60s.

I do not know about “most” Diabetics either but “most” of the PWD that I have read of/talked to on Diabetes sites since about 2002 concerning low bg symptoms have mentioned similar/same symptoms as I have had. Some symptoms fade while others become more evident from Childhood through to Adulthood and onward depending on the People and then perhaps total disappearance of symptoms(Hypo unawareness). My Hubby and SILs compared notes between myself and my Brothers concerning the same low BG symptoms we shared for instance including the overwhelming sadness, continually dropping the same item we are holding and giggly states in our late 20’s, 30’s and early 40 years.

I get this kaleidoscope colorful thingy, not always but sometimes (very colorful triangles spinning). When it reaches the kaleidoscope, takes a good half an hour to recover. Eye MD did not find anything wrong, but he said at least it got you into seeing him. (I have long time issues with seeing MD’s)

Yup. I get this too! It’s kind of like I’m seeing lights, but more like spotty vision. And if I’m really low, it gets worse and more spotty. It’s a little trippy. Sometimes I think that researchers should use sites like tudiabetes to get better ideas about what is “common” for a diabetic, because I think there are a lot of low/high symptoms, like spotty vision, that doctors don’t tell you about, but that are really common among diabetics. Maybe we should collectively write a book, “What you should know about diabetes that you’ll never learn from your doctor” :slight_smile:

Yes I have had white floaters…like looking up at the sun. I did not feel the low. I just felt different and sure enough I was 40. I only get those when my blood sugar is below 60.

Hi Zoe,

Regarding “giggly”, if giddy would be like or similar, I was giddy one time, that was just a few years ago. That is the only time that my husband recognized a hypo, and shoved some spice drops in my mouth. Just 5 to 8 minutes prior to that, my Bg was 340 something. Have no idea as to how low I went then.

I am still functional below 20 - but just barely.

I never get symptoms anymore, and haven’t for around 8 or so years. One of my cats and my cgm are my symptoms - so to speak. Miss Callie has slacked off somewhat though, since I’ve had the cgm(s).