New Medicare Number Medicare Investigation Required - Dexcom

I got my monthly email from Dexcom requesting my inventory of Sensors, Strips, and lancets and when I hit submit, got an alarming message which I believe said “Medicare Investigation Required” or something very similar that sent me into a mild panic. I called Dexcom customer care and after a 20 minute wait the representative read me my Medicare number and I told her that was my old Social Security number but received an updated Medicare number about 5 months ago. She took down my old number and said that it would take about 5 business days to correct and then order would be sent but if order was delayed just call back and they would send me a complimentary spare sensor. Next day received another email saying that my new number was accepted and order is on its way. All Social Security numbers on medicare cards will be changed by April 2019.

This is just a heads up in case someone gets the message because had I not called, it may have taken quite a bit longer to rectify.


You have to do a monthly inventory? Holy cow! I did not know. And, you can get audited? OMG.

Dexcom requires Medicare patients to certify their inventory every month and it takes about 1 minute to fill out their simple form to place order so no big deal, especially considering Medicare pays 100% of all monthly supplies including Lancets, Test Strips, Sensors + cost of the receiver and every 3 month transmitter on the G5.

Dexcom, according to their customer service department, audits Medicare status once a year to make sure that you are still on medicare and that your Medicare number is correct. The problem on my end was that Medicare used to use Social Security numbers as Medicare ID, but all that changed last year and new numbers will be assigned to all Medicare patients by April 2019. So actually it is best to be proactive and advise Dexcom that you have a new number rather than get the nasty surprise they sent me when I went to re-order monthly supplies.

I commend you on your ability to keep up with paperwork. :grin:

Hold the phone! You don’t do an “inventory”. You don’t get audited. I’ve been doing G5 thru medicare for about 16 months. All that you do is respond to a few questions in an email (or over the phone) about how many supplies u have left. The Dexcom staff alert you in the beginning when u sign up, if you want all of the monthly supplies, you just respond with “zero” for each item. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT, other than attesting that you aren’t in a facility, are still using the device, a couple of other simple items. It is no big deal. I can complete the questionnaire in less than a minute. Now relax! :slight_smile:

Is that just a Dexcom thing? Or, do all users of medicare do that for all Rx? Interesting. They sure keep a close eye on you guys. To cut down on medicare fraud? They take that pretty serious.

I don’t have complaints about Medicare. They paid for a $10,000+ fixture for my wife’s back surgery that she couldn’t get covered with BCBS. They pay for supplies just as well as any of the many group insurance plans I’ve had going back to the 1970’s. Of course, I have a decent supplemental plan too.

They don’t cover glasses or dental however.

Yea, the complaints I generally hear are more about paperwork and personal confusion over policy details.

Darn it. Glasses and teeth are the easiest to inventory. I could tell you, off the top of my head, how many times someone punched me in the face and broke my glasses this month. Face punches = 0. Glasses = 3. Teeth = unchanged.