New Member Intros (please)

I will Start this off and be brief…

I started insulin over 26 years ago. Started on just NPH, then HAD to go on NPH plus regular twice a day…

Last eyar I ahd to go to 3 then 4 shots a day and now on MDI 5+ shots a day but in the best most level control ever. BS wise I feel normal fr the first time since Dx’d…

I have a collection of complications now, Heart valves, carotid blockages, neuropathy, balance, walking braces and cane and kidney disease with falling kidney function…CKD-3 and getting worse…

Please…would all new member post an intro so we can all get to know our little family within the Tu family better.


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I guess I already said some of it before, but I’ll do it again.
I was diagnosed 34 years ago, as a teenager. My extended family has over 30 type 1’s. 12 are now dead, 8 have very severe complications and the rest of us are stumbling along trying to hold on to every crumb of hope. At my diagnosis, I had already seen the worst of db and thought that if I was going to end up like that, why not live it up while I can?
I was in a basic state of denial for probably close to 20 years - rarely went to the doctor, walked around with a bg of 300. Funny thing was that I was taking multiple injections and testing at least 4 times a day. Guess the #'s didn’t mean anything to me. I had 2 episodes of DKA - both were very draining and took weeks to recover from.
After the second episode I started seeing a doc who switched me from NPH to Lantus for my basal requirements. Within 3 weeks I had gained 40 pounds of edema. They thought I was in heart failure and I spent a week on the cardiac ward having every test in the book, only to finally be told that I had some type of “reaction” to the Lantus. Duh. After going back to NPH I peed away the fluid in 3 days. Boy was that a relief.
Now I take NPH and Humalog. I have a very strong dawn phenomenon and when it’s acting up I set my alarm for 2 a.m. to test and maybe take a small dose of Humalog.
I have retinopathy, but it is quiet at present. After my one eye was lasered the extra vessels shrunk and pulled the retina off the back of my eye, completely detaching it. I had immediate surgery and had to spend the next 7 days laying face down, not moving. Fortunately, my doc says that I am one of his “best” cases of a good outcome. I lost some peripheral vision in that eye but my detailed vision is good. I am extremely grateful.
I have hypothyroidism, and hypertension. I monitor my blood pressure several times a week and feel it is in very good control.
From time to time I have had some protein spillage in my urine, but, it has always gone away.
I also have a frozen shoulder, which comes and goes, and a trigger finger, which comes and goes.
I would like my AlC to be under 6.5. The lowest I have ever gotten is 6.7.
I use food to destress and have got to come up with a better plan.

When I was diagnosed, I was absolutely certain that I would not live to my 40th birthday. Well, I made it, plus a decade, plus more. (no way am I giving my exact age…
A couple years ago I fell on the ice and shattered my ankle, requiring 2 plates and 5 pins to repair it. Every time I went to the ortho clinic I heard the nurses whispering “shes diabetic - she might not heal”. Well, I healed fine and have not ill effects. A lot of the bone had crumbled away at the site of the break, but it has no completely filled in.

Oops - sorry I was not brief. I am a rambler.

Hmm intro would beee…
That’s me. :smiley:
I was diagnosed VERYY recently.
and I’m shootin’ up 4 times a day with Humalog and Lantus.
pretty basic.

But that’s not the important stuff.
Of course, there really isn’t any important stuff to know about me =/

hi this is mary ann and I have been type 1 diabetic for 31 years now. I currently on 5 shots daily 2 lantus and 3 Humalog pen It seems like almost all diabetics are on the pump I have not switched yet been doing multiple injections all my diabetic life and have never had a problem with needles maybe someday I will switch to the pump but for now I will stay on needles I have no complications except for hypoglycemia unawareness I took control early in my diabetic lufe and it has paid off so far glad to be a part of this new group and hope to meet more needles diabetics here!


I am terrified of needles so don’t mind injecting myself but don’t like injections. I don’t like the idea of the pump being attached to my body.
I actually did research into inhaling insulin for two years and used a pen but really feel like when I am syringing up, I get the right dosage. I’ve been diabetic for 13 years, been in a few comas, have smashed my face on a road and driven while being extremely low - I have major hypos.
I went on Lantus and frankly feel better, I am also on a carb:insulin diet. I don’t let diabetes rule my life, that said I need to look after myself in a better fashion, I don’t test enough or exercise enough.
Apart from a few things like receding gums and gum infections, bad colds and cuts taking a while to heal - I’m okay. I also can’t wax or have laser hair removal because for some reason, cuts and scratches and whatever take forever to heal.
I’m healthy, thin, fairly content and extremely lucky …

Hi all.

I’m Cherise. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October 2000. I’ve been on syringes since I lost my insurance in 2005, where before I was on the insulin pump. I take 3 to 4 shots of Humalog a day (3 meals and correction at bed) and Lantus 46 units at bedtime.

I was recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. It was caused because of bipolar medications that I am on. A lot of the anti-psychotic medications have a warning about affecting diabetes. Well sometimes you can’t avoid not taking a medication like that and you just watch your sugars closer but sometimes that doesn’t work either. I sometimes wonder how young the youngest person to get peripheral neuropathy is. I’m only 24 years old and was diagnosed at 16 years old.


Hellooo there! I’m Bronagh, I’m 21 and I’ve had diabetes since I was 7. I take an injection of levemir and 3-4 novorapid each day…and I’m currently checking my sugars obsessively, lol. I would love an insulin pump, but I live in Northern Ireland and we’re backwards over here, so my plan for now is to kick up a huge fuss at my next hospital appointment in a couple of weeks time and see how that works out (probably with me chickening out and not actually kicking up this pump related fuss I’ve been planning. :stuck_out_tongue: )

At the moment I have no real complications, and I’m so grateful for that. I do get very scared though, and I wish I could try not to be so afraid…other than that, I’m just really glad to have found this website, and all the amazing people on it!!

Hi everyone… Dana here – I’m mom to 7yr old Cailin who was dx’d 3yrs ago w/T1 – She is really opposed to a pump… I think the tubing is a big turn off to her — also fear of the unknown — she takes Lantus and Novalog – I’m giving 14units of Lantus in the a.m. and it seems as though we are chasing her around with a needle all day… the nurse does it at school then we pick up at home –

She grazes … so we sometimes are giving about 8 to 12 injections per day… Whewww … I think its harder on me than her sometimes… :slight_smile:

So far we have managed to keep her A1C between 6.8 & 7.1, which is pretty good for her age but now she is showing a little more interest in managing everything by herself… I question if it would be easier with a pump because so much is guesswork for me… I don’t know if she is capable of being intuitve at this point in her life (??? )

I am full of questions and concerns and I wanted to join this group to get your perspectives on pumping versus “shootin’ up” …


Hello Im Jessie
2years of being a diabetic
Still have not come to terms with it. It makes me angry and somedays I wont take my insulin or check my blood sugar. I once went for over 14days not checking it… im now checking it at least 2 times a day. (Not enough but better then not at all.)
I take one shot of Lantus in the morning and Humalog after every meal- Basic.

Hi Jess…

I am gonna start a new discussion sparked by your intro here. I ahve a question 4 U, what type are you, a type-1, type-2, LADA or something else (or unknown)?


Thanks for the chuckle…maybe I should have called this group something like shootin up… or similar.

I also like your term grazes…sometimes I like to do that myself with the smaples at Sam’s club. Sometimes I do prety good, sometimes I end up near 200 befoe the next meal, but one time I tested before dinner and was near 300! (ouch).

(*&( GOMER I love some of your descripters

Hi! I joined a few months back but am only now getting a chance to really start digging into Tu and the groups a little more. Sorry for the delayed response! I was diagnosed Type 1 almost 30 years ago.

Right now I am taking one shot of Lantus each day and am quickly going through my little stockpile of Exubera (inhaled fast-acting)…really wish Pfizer hadn’t pulled that from the market. I will soon go back to 5 shots per day rather than 1 (probably Lantus and Novolog).

I have only some tiny changes in my retinas that don’t require any treatment yet, otherwise, no problems so far. Not bad for 30 years of the rollercoaster blood sugars (very lucky, actually)! However, I have a lot of trouble with serious hypoglycemic events over night, and thank god that my job allows flexibility on start time!!!

I tried an infusion set for the pump a few years back, but my body reacts very badly to anything piercing my skin for more than about 24 hours. Had the same trouble when I tried the DexCom continuous monitor (which really helped fight the morning lows). I would get a lot of bruising, a rash-like condition, and have a lot of pain in both cases, so even minimally invasive devices are off the table for me.

Unfortunately, I’ve really never been able to get things under control (A1Cs usually in the 7s, though I’ve had a couple in the 6s, several in the 8s and went as high as 11 during my divorce). Stress is a horrible thing.

Anyway, glad to be part of this group! Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences and suggestions.

I’ve bn a Diabetic since Feb 18,04 I was shocked and scared I started on Metformin and took it 4 about 2 1/2 yrs and my A1C started to go up in the 8’s so my Dr tryed me on Byetta and it worked 4 about a yr and again my A1C started to go back up so now I’m on Lantus .My last A1C was 5.9 ,I also have ( DNP) Diabetic Nerve pain I’m taking Lyrica 4 it and 1 of the side affects is weight gain I’ve gained about 25 lbs .I know its not all the medications when I get bored I eat thats the problem I’m bored all the time except when I’m not at work.I need help its getting where I can;t put my shoes on .Please if any one can help Please feel to do so.I HATE BEING A DIABETIC because I don’t care what people say Diabetes controll you. It controlls you the way u feel,eat ,sex lives, and will eventually effect others parts of ur body and will cause u to have others problems.

Hello everyone ,my name is Alexandra,im 25,been a diabetic for 3 year now, recently joined this awesome forum,i find it extremly enlightening.I come from Romania and i suppose i can state that there arent as many national (internet) specialized groups and sites as i had the chance to find yeah,im thankful i fond this one.
Im on Apidra 3 times a day and Lantus for night time and my few days ago A1C is 6 , so im proud.
No complications that i know of here…I`m fairly glad i found a group of diabetics on shots, everyone here seems to be using pumps:D

Hi I’m Katherine (aka “Marps”) and I’ve been T1D since 09/23/1998. So, almost 11 years now. I was dx at 14 years old, but showed symptoms at 11. I started on NPH and R, then went to mixed pens, then to Humalog and N, then to Novolog and Lantus, then to pump using Humalog, then to Humalog and Levemir.
It’s been crazy.
I like the control better with shots. Is it more aggravating? yes. But, at least this way I’m relying only on myself to get through the day, and not on some mechanical pump which clogs and beeps and pulls and snags on other things.

Maybe I’ll go back to the pump later on in life.

I like how you think >:D<</body>

Well Michael…your comment is very very timely…

A new can of worms has been opened in my case. While some of my complications appear to be from diabetes, I am learning, after being told otherwise for decades, are NOT frm diabetes.

I saw a new eye doc late last summer, he said NO WAY was my diplopia (double vision) had anything to do with diabetes, and that I have a neuro-muscular problem. So far the general concensus but not officially confirmed as yes is MS. My brain MRI of '07 showed multiple bilateral CNS lesions in white matter and more recently a c-spine MRI was done and a couple lesions there as well. For so many many years everything was blamed on mainly diabetes, some on having cancer ('82) adn arthritis. Xrays done last year ruled out arthritis and blood work ruled out Muscular Ddistrophy and probably also ruled out MG. (myastheia gravis).

Last Sept my FamDoc called me for a (long for him) MS talk, said “it fits” and needed to be followed up on. He did a referal to MSU MS clinic and I have a neuro-opthlamologist apt at the MS clinic next week. My diplopia prisms were last updated in 1984 and NEED updating.

The DOTS are beginning to connect and make sense for a change.Learning to seperate what is and what is NOT diabetes related has been a big help. My diabetes is still a little wierd, just not nearly as wierd as it seemed. For example the leg weakness problem; When I fell and tore my shoulder 3 years ago that caused me to loose good control of my diabetes, had a mild case of DKA. Already having muscle weakness problems simply compuded the leg problem, made it worse and took about 18 months to recover my usual leg strength. The MS(?) issue also make sense since the problem was mostly my left leg and not equally both legs.

This year I will be spending a lot more time with NEUROs than my endo…lol
I am trying to learn what and how the (probable for now) MS and diabetes affect each other. One thing is clear, for me its even more important to maintain GOOD diabetes control. IF the MS is confirmed that probably will me even more shots, and not nearly as nice (sorry 4 oxymoron here) as insulin shots. My Fam Doc told me at the MS talk there are meds for MS these days, (kinda new in the past decade) what he did not tell me was the annual cost runs about $15,000 to $23,000/year! And I thought Lantus and Humalog were expensive…ouch!



Hi my name is Jonathan. I have been db for 52 years. I started on injections with needles larger then the darts at your local pub. Switched to a pump 13 years ago and am now back to pens (with very tiny needles). Not to be vulgar but I like pulling down my pants and not have to worry about tubing! Lantus at night Apidra or Humalog as needed.

Hi! I’m Becky. T1, use Apidra and Lantus. vary between 5-15 units before meals, usually 3-4 times daily, and then 25 units Lantus before bed. BGs are actually pretty decent. Never tried syringes, but I do know how to use them. Been diagnosed 4 years, had it longer, happier with my insulin than without it. :slight_smile:

I have been a diabetic for 20 years, type 2. I have been on insulin for one year. I take 50 units of Levemir at night. I take 20 to 30 units of Novolog before each meal. A1C stays at 7. I enjoy taking insulin. I have gained weight since starting it only because I eat things that I did not eat for 20 years. Solve one problem, cause another problem. I am 52 and retired 3 years ago partly to allow me more control of my diabetes. I was a police officer and sometimes it was difficult to control lows while working the street. I know control is the best thing but it is not always the easy thing to do. Like I explain to my doctor, I can not live on rabbit food alone.