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Hi everyone! My name is Timi and I have been living with Diabetes for almost 26 years. I was dx at the age of 10. I am on R and NPH. I have tryed others but always fall back to these two. I bought a pump about 2 years ago, it’s still sitting in my closet, thought for a moment that I wanted to be hooked up to one, however I don’t like change! I don’t have any complications at this time, although anytime I do have a problem, doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always because I’m a Diabetic! I hate that. I don’t see a Dr. like I should I hate having to pay them just to write me an RX so insurance will pay for my insulin. It’s not like it’s going to go away! LOL


I was diagnosed as T2 in 2002 I was lucky just on oral for a long time. My new doctor said no I am a type 1 really makes me no difference as I am on insulin after all oral med’s failed. I currently take 4 injections a day.


Hi! My name is Jen (obviously, haha) I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed Oct 28 2002 as a type 2, Right before my favorite holiday! =/ November 11 2002 I became pregnant, lol, and it was hard for me to do my shots and such I hated needles. Ive tried all the pills, insulin’s and back to pills. 2008 a different doctor realized and diagnosed me as Type 1. I struggle with severe depressed and self harm disorder which i fail to do my shots. My sugars are in the 3s,4s, and sometimes 500s. A week and a half ago i finally took control of my issues and began doing my shots. I am now in the 100s and once or twice 200. This morning i was 83!

I use humalog pen and lantus at night!


That is good Jen the sooner you get controll the better as I am sure you already know. good luck as it seems you are doing well so far on this adventure.


Hi, my name is Jessica, I’ve been T1 for 14 yrs, now 24 y/o. I caurrently take 4-8 shots a day, one lantus and also Humalog whenever I eat. Because I work nights I tend to eat small meals throughout the course of 24 hours which is why I take so many shots some days. I had a huge acceptance problem as a teenager, and refused to check regularly or take my shot as directed. I’ve gone months without checking my b/s, and went into DKA over 10 times in course of a decade. Though I have serious problems healing from anything from cuts to pnemonia, and often suffer from sometimes grave infections, I have fortunately escaped any of the more common serious diabetes complications. In the past year I have shaped up my control greatly, and am now working to be put on the pump, which I have wanted since I was a kid. I now check 6-8 times a day, follow a insulin/carb ratio and sliding scale, but still experience very low lows and high highs. I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was a teenager and take medication for that, but I doubt that is the reason for my control issues. Thanks for sharing, all of you. Just the fact that this site and this group exist makes me feel more comfortable with being a diabetic.


I was diagnosed in 1972, 39 yrs ago, I was 89 lbs and started on nothing, the Dr was in shock seeing me a skinney girl and high BS in a town of 500 people…so I nearly died, so a Dr from another city put me on a oral med, and I took it and was sick and sick and spilled sugar on those yellow tape strips every day. Then at 19 I got really sick, gained 10 lbs of fluid, and rushed into the hospital…shots, every day, I leave and this Crocked Dr puts me on a Oral med…I land back in the hospital form throwing up and diarrhea and liver hardened, bingo the meds did this to me they said. So fast forward, tried ever oral that has come out with no change. In 98 It was found that I had a Pheochromocytoma, and it was Cancer and 99% aren’t… not lucky me,Diabetes got worse after surgery… and here came the you are a Mody… this lasted for many yrs. Got on Byetta, and then had Pancreitis 2 times… so never again…and then Kaiser put me on Insulin again, and she said no more oral meds, and Insulin is it, for the rest of your life…and it has been a life saver… I feel good…

I do have Psorasis, Valley Fever, a Heart murmur and MVP…My Dr called me a Type 1 that has been lost but now found…she said I was a gueina pig for the Pharmacitcal co/Dr who had a investment in them…pathetic I say…


Hello- Im Briana. I am 29 years old, a wife and a mother to a one year old. I was recently dx with type 2 in august. I had gestational while preggers, but after baby was born I was back to normal with an A1c of less than 6. When I finally new something was really “wrong” in August of this year my A1C test came back at a whopping 11.6. I could have fainted. Instead I went out to my car and CRIED!! hahaha- made me feel somewhat better. I am new to injecting so much and being a vampire almost 8-9 times a day!! I am currently on Lantus (60 units) and Apedria at meals (20units). My fastings levels NEVER are below 200 and Ive never been in the 100’s yet.
I’m depressed about that- but I told myself to join a group of others and you’ll help each other.
So here I am… I am loving this forum/group so far!!


Hi I'm Sarah, a sophomore in college studying social work.

I was diagnosed 12/29/10 as a result of having mono and my honeymoon phase lasted a long time (I started taking shots with pens on 12/5/11). I take humalog and lantus totaling 4 shots a day... I hope to be on the pump someday because I absolutely hate shots... that's my story in a nutshell


Hi all,

I'm a Type 1 diagnosed almost 14 years ago - been on all kinds of insulin regimes; I'm currently on Humalog for meals/food and Lantus at bedtime - started on the pen, used it for years and I HATED IT (totally didn't work for me, loads of complications)...I love my needles :)

I have a wonderful husband and a toddler - I am the lone diabetic in my family, though Frederick Banting is my paternal grandmother's cousin :D, which has made things with my family (not my husband, son) quite difficult over the years and has left me with very few of them in my life (the numbers seem to get smaller all the time - people have a reluctance to understand diabetes), so I look forward to the TuD community.



Hi Briana - just joined the group and read your post :) I'm a 30 year old, a wife and a mom of a nearly 2 year old (eep eep!) and Type 1, diagnosed at 17...things will get better for you, remember, you are going to experience a honeymoon phase (it can last up to 5 years) so things are going to be all over the place through no fault of your own.
I'm in Canada so I do not understand your levels (I'm supposed to be between 4.0 - 7.0) in reference to my own, but I too am on Lantus (I take 23 units at bedtime) and I take Humalog for my meals/food (sliding scale).
Today is my first day here and I share your sentiments - it is a really awesome forum :)


Hello all. I'm Michael.

Type 1 IDDM -- late onset
DX -- January 15, 1982 -- aged 23
RX -- R/NPH until mid '08 when I went to Novolog/Lantus (yea!)
MDI -- from day one
Dexcom 7+ -- since October '11 (and I love it!)

I'm 53, 5'11" and weigh 187 pounds right now. When I was DX'ed I was 23, 5'11" and 127 pounds. Hm. Perhaps I should have sought out help a mite sooner than I did. In any case, it's been quite a ride through the years.

I will ask some questions, and may answer a few when I can.

Good to be here.



Hi folks. I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, Type Weird according to my endo. I supposedly have an unsual form of Type 1 diabetes, I do not have any detectable antibodies yet I also have hypothyroidism (also no antibodies). So the doc wonders if I haven't had this a long, long time. Growing up I never could put on weight but I finally reached a more normal weight in adulthood. Things were going great (or so I thought) until 2 years when I slowly started to drop weight. I thought it was due to the increased exercise, ha, ha!

Well diabetes may not be the best thing to have but in a strange sort of way it saved my life! During the weight loss (I dropped over 20 lbs and I'm only 5' 1". I felt a lump. Yep, it was breast cancer but since we caught it fairly early, I'm probably going to die of something else. Yah!

Anyway, I'm now on MDI and I only dose with Humalog at meal times. Right now I don't need basal insulin but I'm not sure how long that will last. The doc is not sure if I will lose all of my insulin making capability or not. We will just have to wait and see.

Some folks have already welcomed me to this site. Thank you! I need this site because there's like only one other Type 1 that I personally know.


Was diagnosed just over a month ago as type 1. Just learning the basics now. Taking lantus and novolog with the pens. 4 injections a day so far. This has been what I started with so I don't have anything to compare it to. All started when I complained of being excessively thirsty-- which led me to having my blood glucose checked with the medical person at my work-- which led me to the doctor. My A1C was over 11. Within 24 hours of saying "I've been really thirsty lately" I took my first injection of insulin. Have brought my condition under reasonable control quite quickly-- still room for improvement. The black cloud hanging over my head now is the fear that it will be a career ending diagnosis for me, we will see. I'm 29 years old, have a great wife and 2 awesome kids and live in Homer, AK which is hands down the most beautiful place on the planet.


Just realized I hadn't posted an intro, so here's my story (the short version): Type 2 diabetes for nearly 10 years, but just started insulin about a month ago (04/12/2012). Still working on finding the right dose to get my fasting numbers where my doc wants them. I have multiple chronic medical conditions, and the diabetes is most likely a complication of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) insulin resistance. I guess I've been pretty much in denial for the past few years, but my a1c's have crept up into the 9+ range, and I need - and want - to deal with this disease more effectively now. Looking forward to finding some ideas/encouragement in this community. Thanks!


Hi everyone! I'm 20 and I was diagnosed in December '11 (so it's been just 6 months now). I've been taking 2 shots a day of Insugen 30/70 since then (I still don't understand the Diabetes jargon so please forgive me :)).
The funny thing is, my doctor says I must've had it for about a couple of years but I never realized it. I mean, I used to feel hungry and thirsty, but I had actually put on weight instead of losing it. I never even felt tired or breathless. But my mum insisted on me going for the tests. (My family is full of diabetics, albeit T2. My mum must've had a hunch or something.)

I had also started having mild neuropathy. So when I googled about it, to be honest, I completely freaked out. It's almost gone but I shudder at memory of it all even now.

Anyway, so 6 months down the line, I feel perfectly fine. My BG is in in the range 90-150 most of the time, so I guess it's okay. I control my diet and insulin, and exercise like a maniac :D

And I must say, all these stories about people having had the big D for years and being at ease with it, it's very inspiring for a noob like me :) So a big thank you to everyone and good luck to all the newbies!


name: John

Type 2

Dx: 5/20/2010

Meds: 2000mg of metformin er and 26 units 1x a day after dinner

diet: try and have 150 carbs or less a day

Last A1c: 14.5, this was because i was not taking care of myself for a year.. eating what i wanted and what not.

Next a1c: around 8/20/12.. this wil be my first a1c after i started treatment

8492-White_John_2weeks.pdf (27.9 KB)


I have been insulin dependent for the last 37 years having been diagnosed at age 14. I started off using lente insulin derived from pork pancreases and the only testing was using a urine test kit which for a teenager was not something I did very often. Somewhere mid-stream I was switched to regular mixed with lente, but that was an awfully long time ago. When glucometers came out I got one, but really didn't use it very much. I got switched to lantus and humalog and MDI's which now is 5+ shots per day. I use pens and nano needles which I totally love. I have been blessed by not getting any complications and I am hoping to keep that streak alive by taking really good control of my bs. I want to be healthy and alive for my potential grandchildren.


Hi, everyone. I'm Caren and I've been a Type 1 for 30 (well, 30-1/2) years now. I started off with Regular and NPH (back in the pork insulin days), then started on Regular and Lente (I think) and then regular and Ultralente and now take Humalog and Lantus.

I usually take 4 injections a day (or 5, if I'm splitting the Lantus in two doses - I've done both and can't decide if I like one or two doses better). I am one of the (seemingly) few people who have no desire to migrate to a pump. I've taken injections for 30-1/2 years now and do just fine with them. I use syringes and vials, too. I've been on studies that used pens and I found the pens to be incredibly annoying. The Humalog pens go bad in a HURRY, the Lantus injections with a pen sting like crazy and you can't get those last few units out of the pen like you can with a vial. I am cheap, people. If I paid for it, I should be able to use it! :)


Hi Caren,
I use a syringe to get those last few units out of the pen, I too am cheap that way. But I like the pens and have had no issues with lantus stinging or my humalog pens going bad. And the new nano needles are so fine it's almost like not taking a shot at all. I used to use vials, but the lantus vials hold 1000 units and are supposed to be used for 28 days and I just don't take enough to use it all up in the time frame.


Hi Caren -- Can't help commenting here -- Like you I am at 30 1/2 years with late onset Type 1 D -- dx'ed January 15, 1982 at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, CA. Started with R and NPH as well. Seems like so long ago now... I also still use points and vials -- I'm just not a fan of the pump. I am however a HUGE fan of my Dexcom CGM. Awesome device -- just got on it last October, and what a difference it has made for me.