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My name is girish kumar. I was born in India and immigrated about 50 yrs ago.
MY father has diabetes and died at age 80. Millions of people in India have diabetes and there is no end in sight as majority of people are vegetarians and 80% of their food are grains of different kind.
I was diagnosed with type 2 around 1998 with A1c little over 7.0. At that time I lived in michigan with engineering desk job.Next 5 years, I casually refrained from sugar, sporadically took metformin, no testing. In 2007, my situation worsened wit fatigue, lack of energy etc. Then my A1c came in as 7.4. I then started on 1000-1500mg of metformin. Next few months no improvement. I really got sick in mid 2007 with stomach troubles, depression, sleeplessness etc and A1c not improving.

In spring of 2008, I went to see DR Rubinstein in New York. He was born type I diabetic, switched his career from engineer to doctor primarily to treat himself. He became doctor out of utter frustration with treatments he was getting. When I saw him he was 72 and still practising medicine. I found out about him by reading his book on diabetes.

Dr rubinstein was very thorough. he sat with me for 2-3 hrs for three consecutive days. To him his practise was his religion. Very expensive though. He did many test, the one stands out to me was C-peptide. He wanted to know if my pancreas still produce some insulin and how much. I remember him telling me that my pancreas were still “repairable”. From him I found out that pancreas is curable if found early and treated RIGHT. Alas, all most all of main stream physicians do NOT know how to cure diabetes. They just slow down (if that) the process. Even slow down is generous compliment.

The next three paragrapgh is meat of Dr Rubinstein treatment:-

From tests he summarized to me that a) My pancreas are still making about 30% of insulin that they could make, b) My night time insulin production was impaired–meaning I was not sleeping well. My morning sugar reading was around 110 at that time c) He said since my pancreas were not burned out, Dr said he will try to revive them. He taped the whole three day session and gave me the tapes to listen.

To revive my night time insulin production he prescribed three units of long acting insulin (no MD will ever prescribe insulin where A1c is 7 and morning readings are 100-120) in the evening and two units in the morning. He prescribed to cut out all grains, fruits, bread and sugar. He said to only eat meat and vegetable.

Since he gave me the insight into his reasons for treatment, I modified his regimen to suit my vegetarian and grain diet. Indian diet is 80% flour and rice.

Following is my regimen for last 9 years. my A1c has fluctuated from 6.2 to 6.6 in last nine years. My last A1c was 6.4 and now I am 72 years old. My regimen is as follows:

  1. Diet: I eat wheat flour, little rice and vegetable (50%) , I eat 1-2 fruit every day
    2.Exercise: Rain or shine I walk 1 mile at least after lunch and dinner and sometime after breakfast. (This is the key, because, it reduces my peak sugar thereby protecting body organs)
  2. 1-2 500mg metformin
  3. 2-3 units of long acting insulin in the morning and evening.

Every doctor in last ten years have asked my why I am taking insulin when my readings do not warrant. I tell them that my readings are low because of early intake of insulin. Many of the MD’s have refused to prescribe insulin for me, but I managed to continue with insulin.

Granted insulin have risks also, but 5-6 units per day is very miniscule. I do not know the future, but so far I had been able to keep my grainy diet.

If somebody is interested, I will be happy to share more biological and pathological details of insulin and walking. No Cataract, no kidney issues, no nerve pains so far. I did have stomach and associated depression issue–but I am out of it now.

It will be my utmost pleasure to interact more with others.

girish kumar


The original post mentioned Dr Rubinstein, not Bernstein. But appears their teachings are similar.

I am sure the original post is is a fake

“Granted insulin have risks also, but 5-6 units per day is very miniscule. I do not know the future, but so far I had been able to keep my grainy diet.“

A. 5-6 units per day is not at all miniscule.
B. Why are you taking insulin with 6.4 A1C?

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