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Her recipes are usually pretty tasty if you are looking for low carb/keto things.


Looks so easy. Thank you again for sending. I’m looking forward to trying !


Hi BSE, welcome to the world of type 1 diabetes. Unlike you I was dx in 1959, so this has been my world for a very long time.

You mentioned that you miss sweet potatoes, fruit and oatmeal. No longer following a low carb diet, I now eat plenty of fruit, sweet potatoes and oat grouts. I have switched to a low fat vegan diet and eat about 300 healthy carbs a day. Once in awhile I will have a cracker, but for the most part stay away from processed food. I have no idea if you would be interested in something off the beaten path, but I love this way of eating. There is a website called Mastering Diabetes run by 2 very intelligent guys with type 1 which explains all about this way of eating.

I am now at my perfect weight, I exercise and have a ton of energy. Just thought I would mention if because it might be something you would like. I eat about 300 very healthy carbs a day, my A1c is 5.5 and I take 23 units of insulin. I have no working beta cells.

Best of luck to you.


Hi. Wow it’s great that you are able to eat so many healthy carbs. I don’t think I could switch to a vegan diet at this time because right now I’m surviving on chicken , fish , eggs because I have limited my carbs so drastically. Once I figure out how to eat correctly I definitely want to add back the heathy carbs Ive been missing. Also, figuring out insulin because now I only take at night tresiba. That’s why I limit myself during the day so much. Not even sure if I his is a healthy thing to do. I need a endo that discusses with me and explains better

If you have any favorite recipes u can pass along that would be great.

Have a great day


I have some wonderful recipes for soups, chilies, and such, but they all have beans, lentils, potatoes,rice etc which are definitely not low carb foods.

Good luck to you as you adjust to having type 1. What a challenge for you in middle age. Wishing you all the best.