New meter - mg/dL to mmol/L

Hi! I have just received one of thes and I wonder if someone could advise me how to set the readings to mmol/L as I am in UK and do not understand the mg/dL?

The meter should have been set to dL from the start unless it was supposed to be sold in other countries that use Mg.

Call Bayer for support as there is no way to manually reset it that I see in the manual.

Page 13: Important Notes.

Sorry. This is the first time I have had a meter where the answer wasn't obvious. That frustrated me so I tried to figure it out and failed. Sorry.

If you are using the USB Contour, the setup is what you want. Turn your meter on: 3 things come up LogBook, Trends, and Setup. Pick setup and follow it through to what you want. If nothing else call Bayer Contour. 1-800-348-8100, 24/7.


Need update! Did you manage to get your change made?