New Navigator approved in Oct 2009- so what are they waiting for?

180-Day FreeStyle Navigator Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Abbott Laboratories
Alameda, CA
94502 Approval for a modification to the FreeStyle Navigator Continuous Glucose
Monitoring System receiver software. The primary purpose of the new software is to allow users to obtain continuous glucose data as quickly as possible after insertion of the sensor. The new
algorithm changes the calibration time to 1, 2, 10, 24 and 72 hours, with glucose data being
available at one hour. Other changes are the increase to allowable range for glucose calibration,
increase to the allowable glucose rate change and the addition of a calibration lag correction.
Additional changes were made to the Receiver software/User interface; the backlight will now
always be on when the receiver is displaying information, the screen timeout will be 20 seconds and there will be no abandon alarm feature.

I have been using the CGM from Minimed. have you ever done a comparison for the Navigator with MM system ?
I am thinking of switching.
I find the MM not very accurate. It never seems to catch the highs or lows if your BG is changing rapidly. It takes a long time to get “going” and it seems as soon as you have got it callibrated it runs out and you have to change the sensor again. The transmitter is very tempramental…I have gone through 4 transmitters in two years. ? any advantages/disadvantages would help me

I called too. Was told that they’re not allowed to discuss anything about upcoming products… that I should check out the website… UGH !!!