New Omnipod user. Advice, Tips and Tricks?

Hello I just started my omnipod yesterday for the first pump I have used. Do any of you experience users have tips, tricks and sources I could read or videos I can watch to improve my knowledge?

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I learned a lot from the Facebook group, had most of my questions answered even before I switched to the pods. I also learned a whole bunch of tips from the rep. I don’t know if Covid stuff means there are no more reps for training, but boy the lady I met with was full of tricks and tips and even checked on me maybe 6 months later. Hope you love the pods!


Its always super tough to start on new hardware. Keep close eye on those BGs just incase you have a bad insert or incase the dosages are off.
You could browse around JuiceBox Podcast for things that interest you. #564 Diabetes Variables: Pump Site Placement — Juicebox Podcast and Arden's Day

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I have listened to juice box for years. Finally got the pod.

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The Juicebox Podcast was the reason I first inquired about the Omnipod and later Loop . I’m still looping using the original Omnipod ERos pods and love it! I can see my numbers on my phone, my watch, and in a web site on any browser. At work, I have my nightscout site in a tab so I can see the current number and trend arrow and the +/- from last reading. Love it!