New on pump & week in Disney - any advise?

Hi - Just looking for any advise or tips. I'm new with the pump, it's a MM 723. I will be spending a week at Disney World in Florida. I've read that even with the warmer weather, the insulin in the pump will be fine. The rides shouldn't be an issue, right? I think my biggest worry is hitting the CGMS transmitter/sensor on something and also going low (or high) because of all of the walking. I plan on taking extra everything (reservoirs, insulin, insertion sets, etc). And also taking a Novolog and Lantus pen incase something goes totally wrong with the pump. So for those of you who have gone or have had similar experiences, let me know any of your tips!


If you’ve never been to’s Diabetes in Disney page, check it out. SO many helpful hints for people with diabetes. It helped make my trip in May a breeze.

I was a seasoned pumper when I went last, but new to the Omnipod (had been wearing it 10 days!). I found that the first aid stations in each park were very clean and friendly (and air-conditioned) places to do an infusion set change. The staff at the different dining facilities were more than happy to discuss their menus with me (but no one really knew carb counts for entrees, which was frustrating).

I never had any problems wearing my Navigator CGMS sensors or my pump on the rides (and we love roller coasters). I was sure to have ziploc baggies in my bag for the devices (and my socks) for when I was going on water rides - which also came in handy when it was pouring rain through most of our stay. :wink:

my biggest reccomendation is to do a temp basal since you will be doing a lot of walking around. depending on how much activity you usually do, chack your bs often. turn it back to normal when your just standing in line or sitting for a long time.