New pics up

Since daughters baby shower was today–can post the pics of the stuff thats done–the rest I can post as I finish cause she kinda knows about them–least ways they aren’t real “surpises”–she’s seen all the rest of the fabrics.

Need an early night tonight

First grandbaby–wae are anxiously awaiting Abigail Elizabeths entry to the world (course no one more than mom at the moment) She’s due march 20th–but doc thiks she’s gonna come early…everything looks fine–she’s already 5.1 lbs or thereabout…

Hi Denise,
I saw your pics and they are great. Did you just make up those really adorable ideas? And congratulations on expecting your first grandbaby I have eight of them. I have wanted grandkids since i was a child myself. It always seemed to me that being a grandma would be the greatest thing in all the world. And trust me, it really is. I have loved every minute of it. And my world is only complete with my babies in it. I loved carrying mine and holding them in my arms for the first time. But being a grandma even beats that. There is nothing else like it in all the world. Carrying my babies beneath my heart was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. And then my grandbabies came along. The name you all have picked out is beautiful too. My third daughter’s name is Elizabeth.
I hope you keep right on sewing. You have real talent there Denise. I would not be able to put together pattern and fabric like you do I love fabrics, but just have no talent for color or anything else. I will watch for the next pictures to be posted. Again, congratulations.

the “patterns” are mine (blankets are just squares or rectangles–ok–an occasional hexagon or ocatagon–hoodie is just a small square folder into a triangle in one fo the corners–makes turning theminot capes when they are todlers easier without the need for clothspinbs, hariclips or safety pins) except the hankie blankie–no use to reinvent the wheel someone else has already done…i don’t mind paying for patterns–exspecially ones I hope to reuse over and over again