New PING Colour Meter Remote in CANADA EH! It's a beauty

“One of these things is not like the other”…NOT anymore Got it a few days ago, Ethan is supposedly the first private citizen to own one in North America. Quite the switch getting them approved for Canada before the U.S. for a change. Never heard of such a thing. FDA? Obama? Come on, our Yankee friends need one too!!! Quite the upgrade to the horrible green back-lit 1980’s digital watch looking LCD on the old one and the scrolling is SO MUCH smoother, I would say a 400% improvement in scrolling. We very rarely over-shoot a carb amount or dosage when scrolling now. Works with regular alkaline too no lithium batts needed although I am sure this baby will suck up batteries, I could care less, it’s a pure joy to view and very easy on the eyes. The screen is just a touch smaller but well worth the trade off otherwise. Assuming no weird glitches or failures arise, I would have to say a job well done. Now if LIfescan would just do something about those sticky, slow test strips.

See larger picture attached below for a little more detail, will post other close-ups or screen shots if anyone wishes

5952-NEWPINGRemote.JPG (2.76 MB)

looks pretty nice. Are the color schemes customizable?

Unfortunately so far it doesn’t look like it, I do not recall seeing any menu items for colour scheme choices. It would be nice if these were flash-able or customizable using the USB cable and some software but at least my two largest annoyances were taken care of, the screen and the scrolling. Old scrolling was of course incredibly choppy and you had to hit those arrow keys quite a bit (More wear and tear on the buttons) to reach your target numbers for carb input or dose input but you can literally cruise right to your number with very little repeated arrow key crunching to get there now. The fluidity is not perfect but a FAR CRY from the old jerky, choppy, racing scrolling of the last meter

What is it he did to get it? I have retinopathy and have a terrible time reading the current meter.

I am so pumped about it (hehe). I hope the scrolling works a lot better than the other one. The old B&W remote was a very weak link in the system in my opinion. Glad to see they listened to the users. Howeer, it would have been nice if they had offered them free to those users who did have difficulty. I did press the point with them, after all, I had logged several comments about the difficulties I had with it, and had endured 1 defective remote 3 defective pumps since January. I felt it shouldn’t be up to my insurance to pay for something like this. All that being said, Animas is sending me a new one, and I believe it should be delivered today. Yay!

If your in Canada, ask your rep about availability, they are getting more qty with each passing day I think and you can buy a second/backup meter remote for $159 CDN as stated on they website. Most decent insurance companies will also buy up to one Meter for you so the cost would be covered.

My husband had quite the ‘discussion’ with Animas about that and they finally agreed to send one to me for free in exchange for my odl one. Why should we pay for it? We invested our health in their company, and it was no small chunk of change. They had no trouble selling us on the bright Ping pump, and (for me) downplayed the (lack of) visibility of the remote meter. I had the same kind of problems, and with the fast scrolling as well. Why should we pay or even our insurance pay for it (that is if you have insurance).

Many users had trouble, so they fixed it. To ask us to pay for something that fixes their deficiencies, well, I think that’s wrong. I suggest that you call them to discuss. Don’t write to them -you get the stock answer - they’ll sell it to you for the discounted amount, which in my opinion is still too high. Don’t forget, it’s your health - it’s not like a $20 watch that has poor visibility, and it’s part of a system that should be designed to keep you as healthy as possible. ok, I’ll jump off my soapbox now :slight_smile:

Your getting the colour version? You will love it. We just had a meter replaced a few days prior to getting this one for some glitches. What kind of problems did your old meter give you? 3 Defective pumps…what kind of defects in the pump? Good luck and enjoy the new meter

That looks awesome! I can’t wait until we get those here in the US…


I’m so jealous! LOL I can’t wait for this to be available here in the US!

yeah looks cool woukld be nice if the meter was the same as the pump.
the tes strips are s l o w and i have several that didnt work…

now im out and no money to buy anymore is there a place where we can get them cheaper ?


I have called and complained to animas AND LIfescan direct (same Johnson and Johnson Company owned and they had me return a sample and sent new boxes of 4. I have mentioned previously about my dissatisfaction with the strips. They are second rate for sure. Best strips I have ever used bar none are the larger strips for Aviva Meters. Quick and hardly ever a bad one. Call and tell them the same thing I did. I literally had some sticking together on the long ends and had to pull them apart…not the normal sticky static either, I mean improperly cut at the factory

Just got word from an insider. Animas requested government approval from both US and Canada at the same time. Canada got the lead out sooner. :frowning:

I heard the same from the customer service rep I talked to about my previous failing meter. Someone said once Obama took the helm approval patterns have started to alter a bit and we will probably start to see a reversal of where certain approvals will be done here first. in the past the U.S. was always first to have new drug or device approval, sometimes by years. Whatever Obama would have to do with the FDA and approval procedure is beyond me

Sounds like more Obama bashing to me. Everything’s his fault, you know.

Maybe it’s your fault for not paying enough taxes!

Ahhh so jealous! I’ve always wondered why the meter didn’t have the color/high contrast screen…

it is our fault for electing the wrong man
we do learn our lessons though!!!

Hey HockeyDad - good news. How did Animas hande the upgrade cost? My wife and I just got our new pings and I already have abandoned the remote as useless. Was it free, a modest price or full price? Please advise. Lots of us Yanks wondering what it will cost when finally released here