New Pod / PDM Features from User Guide (European Version)

Here are some of the cool features I hadn't read previously, and hope/presume will be included in the USA release. NextGenPDM User Guide.pdf

  • A system ID Screen which appears upon power up. This enables the owner to put their name & contact information. If it's lost, the person who finds it will know who to contact if they want to return it.
  • The top of the pod has a pink indicator which confirms proper cannula insertion. This is much better than trying to look through the window for the cannula penetrating the skin.
  • The PDM can be set to vibrate for non-hazard and non-advisory alarms. This makes use reminders more discreet.
  • The Pod manual alarm shut off location is now underneath--next to the fill port.
  • Improved waterproof rating!

Please add to the list if you like!

Thanks, Erik! Love the vibrate option!

This looks great!! I hope the rumor that it’ll be approved soon proves true.

My question is I wonder if the pink indicator helps if the cannula is occluded/if there’s blood in it… Now THAT would be something!


If that user ID screen comes up every time I turn on the PDM, that will be slightly annoying. But it does have a useful purpose.

I'm skeptical of the canula insertion pink window icon. I think it's a bit misleading, because if the canula becomes kinked or pulls out of the skin, I'm not really sure that his window is really going to be alerted to that or acknowledge that--just going off my initial reaction of it though, so that could be totally wrong and incorrect in my understanding of it.

I like the idea of vibrations--I wish the pods would vibrate rather than beep for confirmation of bolus being completed, etc. BUT, I also realize these are disposable items, and incorporating that sort of technology would have been a big price increase per pod. Still cool that the PDM will have a vibrate option rather than beeping though.

Not that I ever had any issue w/ waterproofness (is that a word? ;) before, but it's nice to see that the outer shell has been "improved" to not have any holes/ports in it which helps the waterproof factor.

I also like the new IOB screen that will appear if you press the ? button from the home screen. Tells you the active meal and correction insulin (see pg 7 of the pdf). Nice!

The PDM now includes meal boluses in the IOB calculations for corrections, which the current US version does not.

I agree with Bradford, I think it is likely that the pink window is just an indication that the pod has gone through the cannula insertion/needle withdrawal operation and not an indication of the current state of the cannula.

While I like Insulet's incorporation of meal insulin into the IOB number, it would have been much better to put that on the home screen. This is a number that I look at frequently during the day.

Having to go from home to status to info screens buries this important number. It's like having the current speed on your car's dashboard, two button pushes deep instead of immediately visible on the default screen.

It's issues like these that make me wonder how much influence any user studies had on the device design. Something tells me the non-diabetic engineers made the final call on this. Oh well, this IOB function is much better than the previous iteration that only gave correction IOB data and left out meal IOB!

Erik - Thanks for alerting me to this new Omnipod version. It's good to see some improvements.

The calculations are documented on page 142 and following (similar to the previous manual), however these pages still don't say what happens with multiple correction or (now) meal boluses. E.g. if my insulin duration of action is 3 hours and I do two corrections, one an hour after the other; say x then y units, what is the IOB after 2 hours:

x*(3-2)/2 + y*(3-1)/3

I.e. I'm guessing that each separate correction or (now) meal bolus decays independently; there's no attemp to combine the figures into one decay (because that would require a curve for the total, not a simple linear decay.)

John Bowler

it all sounds good to me!!

Well I have the 2nd generation pods but the pink window difficult visible.
I still however will do a reading after a few hours when I place a new pod.

O I didn't knew about the new IOB-screen. Thanks for that info.
You get used to it that you first have to confirm your name. But in the beginning it was annoying I must say.

Here are some photos link