New Pump & CGM?

All of my complaints of the Paradigm 522 appear to be resolved in the new Paradigm Revel. Due to the structure of my medical plan, I haven't given in to the idea of upgrading though. Until now. I charged the CGM Transmitter for 12 hours overnight, and it worked for about an hour this morning getting ready to start providing readings, but now, 4 hours later, I'm unable to get a signal out of the darn thing.

It (the CGM transmitter) is 4 years old, has a big ol' crack in it, and is dirty as all heck from the years of tape goo being stuck on every 8 days or so. I have to wonder, is it time to get a new one? Or is the AAA Battery in the charger dead? Or did I do something else wrong, like not seat the transmitter fully in the charger?

Who knows. I guess I'll try again to charge it when I get home from work, and maybe I'll see how close I am to my individual deductible. if I'm close, maybe I'll jump on it. And maybe I'll also start ordering some supplies.

New sort-of-related Topic: I have 15 extra boxes of (ten) reservoirs on my shelf, and only 5 boxes of (twelve) infusion sets. Thats a 150 reservoirs to 60 infusion sets! I guess Minimed packages things like the hot dog and hot dog bun folks do. Can't they match the number of reservoirs with the number of infusion sets in a box? ugh.

Since the transmitters are only guaranteed for a year, I daresay it's time for you to get a new one since it won't hold a charge. I suppose you could try a new battery in the charger and see if that fixes the problem.

I have both Silhouettes and Mio infusion sets and they both come ten to a box, just like the reservoirs. So no hotdog and bun problem. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me because I change them out independently of each other. I change infusion sets every 3 days and reservoirs about once a week.

how often does your reservoir go empty? Do you re-use? I attempted to re-use equipment, but that resulted in some inconvenient failures of the infusion set. I'm tempted to try a new infusion set, but again, I still have 60 infusion sets laying around, which get me another 6 months before I have to start thinking about it.

No, I do not re-use reservoirs. Although I’ve had Type 1 for over 35 years, my TDD of insulin is quite low especially since I try to limit carbs. I just fill my reservoir completely and use it until it gets down to about 20 units. For me, that is about a week with the smaller Medtronic reservoir. I change my tubing when I change my reservoir.

I am in awe that you were able to get 4 years out of your transmitter.
I am convinced that the battery inside the transmitter should be replaceable though.
My insurance pays for one per year, So I will just get a new one when I need it.
Maybe I will tear apart the old one when it fails just to see what is in there.

I always have tons of extra resivoirs because sometimes the infusion sets get pulled out or stop working etc. My insurance co sends them in equal quantities so the resivoirs just accumulate.