New Pump in February

I will be getting my new pump in February.I have had the Ping for the last 4
years.My insurance does not cover CGM.I would like the Vibe because of the food database,but I’m not quite decided.Any input would be appreciated.

If I am not mistaken, the Vibe does not have the meter remote and so I dont know if there is a food database anywhere anymore…

Does the Vibe cost more than the Ping? If it does then you’ll be paying for the CGM feature that you won’t use. Or do want the option to buy a CGM out-of-pocket and save on the receiver cost? As @Laura_S has already said, the food database lives in the Ping meter remote and the Vibe does not come/function with a meter remote.

Using diasend software you can download the Canadian food database right into the pump,then you can customize it.

I have the meter remote with the database,but I didn’t like it in there,as when I bolussed there was too much scrolling and it took a long while to get through all of the food items.My freestyle lite has a port light and I enjoy the convenience of basal testing in the night.I found the meter to be big and bulky.I can still use the Vibe without the cgm feature.My pump is covered by the Canadian government.

Good point! I just bought a TSlim for the same price with or without CGM capability. I was pondering another Ping, and when they accidentally tossed a Vibe on my account, the price was $7000ish, but the Ping was $6000 ish. I would say with Animas, everyone should consider which option they want more. Btw, I downloaded Calorie King for food data, to my cell phone and it was free…

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The pump or the meter? If the Vibe has a screen for food data, I hadnt heard…???

I use Calorie King, too. I have it on my laptop and phone. I stopped using the meter remote for the Ping early on. It’s hyper-active scrolling drove me nuts. I have an unused and unloved Ping meter remote that’s 3 years old sitting in my supply bin.

The food database is in the pump with the Vibe. I never use it, but it is there.

I hated the Ping and am much happier with the Vibe. Like you, I found the meter remote to be slow and klutzy and I quit using it after a month. After using Medtronic pumps for many years, I never adjusted to the Ping menu system and never got over my frustration of having to scroll in the recommended bolus amount.

The Vibe’s menu system is not perfect, but it is much better IMO than the Ping. And by pushing the Up button, it populates the recommended bolus amount and you can adjust it from there. There are also a few shortcuts through the menu system that the Ping doesn’t have.

I personally rarely use the Vibe as the CGM controller and find it to be a better pump without the complications of the CGM menu.

Last spring I wrote a series of blogposts with my opinions of the Vibe. At the bottom of Part 3 of the series is a link to a PDF that outlines the differences between the Ping and the Vibe. This sheet might help you to find enough differences between the pumps to justify the Vibe even if you don’t have CGM coverage.


I think I will enjoy the database in the Vibe.At first I thought the Ping was going to be great.Until I realized how long it took for me to bolus.I can look up how much a certain food is in the Caroline King book,add it in my head faster than the meter remote would figure it out.I always liked Animas’ pumps just for the brighter screen,and they have been good to me.

An app worth checking out is Figwee. It’s especially useful when you eat out, either at a restaurant or at someone’s home, etc.

Its database is clearly not as extensive as Calorie King, but it is a GREAT little tool to help you SWAG it! You can look up the particular food in question and there is a sliding bar on the right that you can use to increase or decrease the portion size based on the portion size you plan to actually eat. Increasing or decreasing the portion size increases or decreases the carb count accordingly.