New pumper - activate

Pink minimed paradigm started Thursday. We started in my stomach.
The first infusion site (on saline this week) was starting to hurt Friday night, so I pulled it and bled like a stab victim.
I waited until Saturday afternoon to try again, and this one doesn’t show the telltale little drop of blood inside, so I’m hoping for better results.
I’ve been clipping the pump itself to my bra strap… and that seems fairly comfortable.
I start the insulin on Wednesday.

So veteran pumpers… any advice? Anything to watch out for? How quickly did you see positive results?

Congrats on your pump!! I had some of the gushers too although it’s been a while, maybe I’m shying away from those spots or something? I don’t consider a gusher a “bad result” if the BG is ok? Occasionally I’ll get a oh, I dunno, maybe an oozer or sometimes tears if it gets too close to my hipbone. I just let those ride and keep an eye on my BG (as if I wouldn’t do that anyway…). I think I got decent results pretty quickly. I was taking a bit more insulin than I needed but my pre-pump reporting was quite a mess and I was taking R/N so I think that they calculated my TDD based on my weight and perhaps didn’t account for my having been pretty active? Once I turned it down a notch, the #s just happened. It was spooky.

Congratulations Sagwabetes! I am by no means a veteran pumper lol. I started on saline too with my Ping, went on insulin 3 1/2 weeks ago or so. I saw positive results (lower average BG, lower SD) almost immediately. It’s been life-changing. I have only bled like a stuck pig once so far, when the set got accidentally yanked out, and one bent canula (yesterday).

I love the belt I got from Snug, 3 pockets, and I can wear it at waist or torso. Mostly it’s just stuck in my jeans pocket though :wink:

You may have hit a blood vesicle. I had that happen when I was using the pump in the past. I would just switch sites. When it did happen at times there was a lot of blood, but it stop after a minute of pressure on it.