New pumper

Yes changes will need to be made and some already have, for instance before I received my pump supplies arrived one being the reservoirs and infusion sets, well the reservoirs that came were the 1.8ml and needed to be changed to the appropriate 3.0ml ones. When I received my pump it also had the Bayer next link BG meter but I didn’t have any test strips and now I do. The amount of reservoirs is more than likely just an oversight and what I am thinking may be is what was ordered is just an estimate of most pumpers but doesn’t work for me.

I’ve used minimed and now have the Tandem tslim G4. What’s the best choice?

Answer: Add a CGM as soon as possible. A pump plus a CGM has been exponentially better for me than a pump alone. I get a reading every 5 minutes or 288 times a day and can see trends going up or down when they start. That gives me a chance to react in advance of a peak or trough. Before the CGM I thought I was fairly good at managing my diabetes but it turns out I was delusional and the CGM called my bluff.

I agree the CGM & pump combo is way much better in managing those trend changes that we all experience. My problem lye’s with my insurance company not covering the tab for a CGM and my financial situation not being able to cover the out of pocket expense, so maybe at a later date it may be an option.

Frustrating for sure. If you have a diabetes educator, I suggest you see them to see how to approach your insurance company. Consider an APPEAL and say that it is “medically reasonable and necessary” to get an “FDA approved” CGM and that there is “no equivalent alternative” and that “without a CGM, the risks of complications are unnecessarily greater”. If an appeal is denied, then reappeal and ask for an “expedited external review”.
Also, while Dexcom recommends you change the sensor every week, I routinely get at least 2 weeks of use out of each one.