New Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsal was great this week! We spent hours and hours working on the introduction to our next big show. It's a slow, mesmerizing piece that I'm really enjoying. One of my fellow dancers, Shellie, took some photos of me in my favorite movement of the day!

Also, tomorrow I have my checkup with my new endocrinologist. He’s a great guy and I’ve met him a few times with JDRF but I’m still nervous! Gah!

-Exit Stage Left

Thank you!
Actually we dance to live music. We have our own musician that comes in with us so even if I could post music it's always changing!

Wish u luck on your performances! Hmmm… Never could figure why they kept blinding me with that spotlight on the stage floor until they turned it off…“OMG!” became a icicle! Ah…who are those people! Eek!

Have fun!:slight_smile: