New Retina Mac and CareLink USB

Anyone have a new Retina Mac running Lion and a CareLink USB device? I can't get it to see the device at all. I even tried to use my VM and it won't see it b/c the Mac won't see it. There are no drivers that I can see anywhere, so this is my last hope.

Thanks for any help,


Hello Bill, I am having the same issue on a new Retina. Its to do with the new USB 3.0 ports on the Macbook. They are NOT fully backwards compatible. No fix sorry, need to find another brand of dongle. I read that the Bayer is a good replacement for the CareLink, although it was not a recent update so CareLink may have made movements. Either way it sucks for me, just got my Retina before going travelling abroad - and no time to source anything else. Think i'll be lugging the old Air along with us also!