New Server?

Sorry to make this a topic—I couldn’t remember how to send a message to one of our great admin folks… What does it mean to get a new server? Will this be as bad as getting a new platform? Will I need a new password, for instance?..Thank you…Judith in Portland…

Judith, migrating to a new server just means that the existing system will be running on a different set of machines. It’s the same idea as upgrading to a faster, more powerful computer, while retaining the same operating system and apps you presently use. Nothing should look any different than it does now, but the hope is that things will run faster and more reliably. You should not have to change anything.


Thanks, my friend. Not sure I could handle a major do-over just now…Onward!..

All of this “should” be transparent. TuDiabetes should go off-line for a limited number of hours and then magically reappear.

Of course nothing is ever as simple as it seems. If you have concerns you can always check the DHF twitter feed or the facebook page.

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