New social media site aims to help teens with diabetes

If you want to talk to coffee lovers, you hang out in a Starbucks. If you want to meet rock & roll lovers, you go to rock concerts. And if you want to help teenagers, you start a social networking site.

1 Sweet Life, a social media website aimed at connecting young people with diabetes, launched Monday, April 30.

"Diabetes isn't easy," said 1 Sweet Life President Brad Lowder. "Nobody should have to do this alone." Lowder, who has a son with Type 1 Diabetes, said that the social network will provide hope and inspiration to improve the lives of young people affected by diabetes by connecting them to others in their situation.

"Teens, especially teens with diabetes, have parents nagging at them all the time," said Lowder. "Our goal is to motivate and empower our members to take better care of themselves on their own by putting them in touch with other people that are addressing common challenges."

The 1 Sweet Life network is a multi-media website that allows members to upload video, photos, have discussions, blog and engage with other people that have been affected by diabetes.

Aside from connecting young people with diabetes, 1 Sweet Life has a companion network designed to help put parent s in touch with other parents raising children with diabetes. []


I joined on the parent side, kennedy is 12 maybe still too young, I hate that, because she could really use talking to someone her own age, of course jdrf has that pen pal thing, but seriously, ask a 12 year old to write a letter on paper, when the kids have moved from texting to facebook to instagram?