New tandem pump and have questions

I just received a Tslim pump 2 days ago and I am curious what the feature lock does. The manual has info on how to turn the feature on but doesn’t elaborate what it’s used for and how to access pump with this feature on.

Also I am planning on traveling in a few weeks and was wondering if it’s easier to pre fill cartridges and bring them rather than toting 4 packages per pump change.

Thanks for any insight!

My CDE told me that the feature lock just makes it so you can’t change certain settings. Maybe if a young child had it, you’d use this so they didn’t make dangerous changes. I’ve honestly never messed with it.

I’ve never pre-filled my cartridges, but I don’t travel. The only issue I could see in this is air bubbles developing in the bag due o air pressure differences or temperature changes. If you are able to keep them in a stable environment, I think it would be okay.