New Tandem X2 predictive low suspend

Ok, most of you know I have been dreaming and waiting for the “bionic pancreas “ or what is now called iLet. I have been following this technology since those first days with volunteers staying in the hospital attached to a computer. And I must say when I saw the clinical trials they did with children at summer camp, I realized this was it, the technology is here.
After almost 48 years of diabetes and 27 of it pumping, I am so ready for the technology to do the thinking for me.
And seeing the success of those who are looping and those having success with the 670g and am ready.
I have been in a couple workshops, meetings and conferences that have been talking about the new pumps coming. I am a current Tandem t:slim after 23 years with MiniMed/Medtronic. I read Kerri Sparling review on her blog and listen to Stacey Simms podcast about their start up with the new download. And it sounds amazing! Just think not having the alarms going off at night because the pump will shut off ahead of a low! And waking up with a good number to start a great day after a complete night of sleep.
One of my co workers just started with the 670g and has gotten the auto to work but for the first time in her diabetes career has a sensor that works. Problem I have with this one is how long it shuts off when detecting a low.
The Tandem will turn back on as soon as it gets an upward climb so you are never turned off for long. Such an exciting time we are living in. So at the end of this year I will upgrade to the X2 that will have this and G6 already on board and will eagerly await their next download where it will handle both highs and lows! Yes, I will have to pay, but to not have to think every waking moment, I am in!
Very sad and sorry there is no cure but my life is so much better now than it was way back in 1970. And I will continue to volunteer for whatever trial I can to help us continue moving forward.


Way to go @Sally7! Please let me follow in your footsteps…