New Term -- DiaBooBoos

I have always been open with my children about my…ahem…“condition”, but my daughter, who is the oldest, always seemed to be more tuned in than my son when she was his age. Both are curious, but he never really asks me about myself but shows interest in all of my gadgets. But since I had my first run in with a serious low that left me incapacitated, I thought I better make sure he knows what the name of my disease is.

So while I was changing out my infusion set, in walks my son and he starts asking if I have a boo boo and pointing at the giant red patch where I had removed the old one. I told him yes and said that mama has diabetes. I asked him to say diabetes and he said diabetes correctly. I was impressed!

So the next morning, being a diabetic and an avid tester, I wanted to test him to see if he remembered.

I asked him, "What does mama have?"

There was a pause while he thought about it and then his face lights up and he replies, "DiaBooboos!"

That’s my boy! One word said it all. :slight_smile:

Very sweet. :slight_smile:

Very sweet and very true!

How cute lol. At least he remember some of the word…it’s a beginning.

“Out of the mouths of babes…” That is adorable and a much more befitting description, don’t you think? Kids are so sweet

That’s perfect! So sweet.

Smart boy! so very sweet too…
So much we can learn from kids…LOL

It’s funny that all of you say he’s sweet. :slight_smile: I guess my son and daughter are the only sweets that I can have as much as I want. Thank you!