New term needed?

I think we need a word, or at least an abbreviation to describe the amount in grams of anything that we eat, anything we'd need insulin for, which raises our BG. I find it frustrating and confusing that the only term I'm aware of is "carbs" which can be a misnomer, as fats and proteins also affect our BG.

"carb equivalents" ?

Cequiv ?

Pumps could either be reprogrammed to take fat and protein grams as well and apply the
appropriate scaling factors (programmable by user) or just enter "carb equivalents" into today's pumps which means doing the arithmetic externally... ?

That's what I'm talking about. I think I've seen that, but never understood what it meant.

Somehow, it doesn't sound right in the context of TAG per day, though.

I like grams as it reinforces the "food as medicine" sensation. G works ok.

My earlier thought was "converted glucose" CG

I don't worry about counting other things than carbs. I spend enough time figuring and counting things already! I think it evens out with I:C ratio which would be different if I counted those things as well. But we're all different.


I found that to be the case when I was eating 150-200g carbs, but now that I'm down to ~35, The protein hits be pretty hard (but later). Also, my TAG comes out to ~77g / day. On my pump I used daily avg - basal x carb ratio. I think this could be an important #.