New to CGM and I have fingernails

Have only been using my Dexcom G6 for 9 days and all ten of my fingernails have been growing and are stronger. Can one week without finger sticks really help my nails grow for the first time in 40 years of Type 1? Anyone else notice this happening…or other things? Thanks, Lisa

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Wow, they look beautiful!!!i wish I could get my nails to grow like that! Been using a CGM for years now and my nails are not anything like yours. But I put my problem on just getting older. But I wouldn’t say no to the possibility it is helping! There are cause and effect situations that don’t matter but I say, smile and go with it!

Thanks for your reply Sally. I am embracing everything about the cgm, including my nice nails!

How was your control before vs after your cgm? I don’t have one yet, but I noticed much better nail growth just after working harder to get my diabetes in check. It might just be a benefit of improved time in range.