New to Forum and Have Qs (Not Diabetic, just GAD65+)



I needed a place to clear my head and ask some questions, so I wanted to jump in here. The name is Ed. I am 43 and in Texas. I’ve never been close to diabetic. But recently, went to the doc and fasting blood glucose was 79, A1C was 5.2, C-peptide 1.4, but GAD65 came back at 157.0. Five other people in the family have Type-1, so this scares me. I am also diagnosed with Hashimotos, but the doc says it is very slight. Mom got the same symptoms as me at this age.

The reason I went in to see the doc is because, for about a year now, I have been getting sick and/or tired after meals. This is come-and-go. It happened after I got sick exactly 1 year and 4 months ago. I felt flu-y. And then, massive leg cramps, which finally passed, but I’ve been having these off and on for years. They got worse this year.

At first, I became ravenously hungry before and after eating, and then shakey, sweaty, and mentally confused after eating. Sometimes also flu-y and I want to lie down. I also get very severely depressed after eating–as if the hours following I am different person, and then it goes back to normal when my “toxic” insulin leaves. I also felt tingly limbs and “gloves” on hands and feet, but this went away and has not returned since a year ago. BG after a meal has never exceeded 130 (usually never breaks 110) and the lowest I’ve recorded was 66. I still feel very “knock-kneed” after a meal with epinephrine about two hours after eating, but this is extremely mild. I barely know it most days, or not at all. I am slightly physically active and thin. I eat well.

So what do you make of this? I’m told many never get T1D their whole lives, even with the autoimmune numbers, but what the heck do I make of these symptoms? Mom had a GAD65 score in the 80s and has just now shown prediabetic numbers after a meal. She is 69. I would appreciate your heartfelt (honest) responses!



What are the units of the GAD65? The results of the testing should be discussed with a doctor. Obviously there are many conditions and a particular test result could indicate the possibility of a different condition than the one you are thinking of.

You may also consider some additional antibody tests such as:


Simply having a positive Gad65 test does not mean you have diabetes. People without diabetes will at time be positive for various antibodies, You will get Type 1 diabetes only if the autoimmune reaction becomes uncontrolled And when it becomes uncontrolled the autoimmune reaction will result in an observable change in your blood sugar control and insulin production (which you don’t have). And although you fear for you mom, it may also be that as she has gotten older her blood sugar control simply has degraded. It is very common for someone of her age to show “prediabetic” numbers and it doesn’t necessarily mean Type 1.

You may live your entire life without ever getting Type 1. At least now you can keep an eye on things should you end up with Type 1. The first sign would be numbers after meals degrading. Sadly there is nothing you can do at this time to prevent or delay Type 1. But if you do get I have confidence you can deal with it and you can still live a long healthy and happy life.

ps Since antibodies family you might want to enter Trialnet which is trying to understand the connect of Type 1 in families (I believe participation and testing is free).

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