New to insulin -- sudden cold symptoms

Hi, everyone --

I started insulin yesterday and it may be a coincidence, but I felt like my sinuses started to fill up right away. Today I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.

Is this a common symptom of insulin, and if so, will it go away in time?

If not, I'm hoping it is a coincidence and it is indeed just a cold coming on, because otherwise, I'm a bit concerned it is an allergy to either the insulin or the preservative used, and that would be disappointing. I'd really like this new insulin therapy to work. I was on oral meds (metformin and diamicron) and Victoza and doing well in theory, but I felt awful all the time. I'd really like to start feeling well for a change.

I did a google search looking for side effects, but didn't come up with anything that sounded like my experience. I'm hoping someone here will be able to shed some light.

Thank you

What insulin where you started on and how high have your BGs been running before you started. Where were your numbers running when you were feeling off?

If you have been running high for a while your body can adjust to the high and think that it is what normal is supposed to feel like. Just because you feel ok at those high numbers doesn't mean that no damage is being done long term.

When you numbers are brought down with the insulin you were prescribed your body feels that it is going low, since it is not what it is accustomed to. It can make you feel tired, achy, a bit nauseous, a bit like you have a cold or the flu.
This will last for a week or two as you get down to true normal levels. Once your body begins to recognise what normal is suposed to be that not right/off/coming down with bug feeling will disappear.
Stick with it, once you adjust you will feel much better- more energy, less aches and pains, etc etc.

Or you could just have a cold! Being allergic to insulin is very uncommon.

So true! There a lot of summer bugs going around!

One other possibility: some people are actually allergic to insulin. It's EXTREMELY rare but it does happen. I would bet heavily on the cold.

I went into shakes and sweats...common to a low glucose effect...but for a week or more. My glucose was adjusting to lower levels. Now when I get those shakey, sweaty symptoms I know my glucose is around 70 or below. Pay attention to your body...communicate with your endocrinologist.

It turns out there is a cold bug going around, and it does feel like a cold coming on with usual sinus pressure and draining down my scratchy throat.

It seems it was just a bizarre coincidence that my sinuses filled up at the same time as my first injection.