New to pump use

I am getting my Paradigm 754 Veo next week. Any ward of advice or caution for my initiation to the pump usage?

What good news! I have the VEO and love it! Take your time to set up your basal and I:C ratio. You'll probably need a few weeks until everything is like you want it. Are you having some training for it? I like to recommend "Think like a Pancreas" but this book is not only about pumps but about insulin use.Good Luck! Let us know how it goes. There are lots of people on the site that can help you adjust your numbers.

Thanks Mari for the encouragement. As advised bought & downloaded just now “Think like a pancreas” from KOBO. Thanks again for the advice.

When I started playing around more with my pump, I was amazed that little adjustments, like .025U/ hour or .1G/U ratio, would make perceptible differences in my #s, not huge but if I felt something was 20 points high or low consistently, I could move it towards where I want it. It really helped me reconsider the "where" I was aiming at to get closer to normal and not to shy away from it. I find the Medtronic reports, particularly the "pie chart" ones, very useful for stepping back to see the "forest" of BG through the trees of individual tests. If you have all day and your orange wedge (area to be improved...) is the biggest at a particular time, that's as good a place as any to take a look at. This showed me how my reactions to "wedges" could spread through the next time slot and how fixing one could provide more significant benefits through later time periods. Maybe it's sort of OCDiabetes but the micromanaging has worked very well for me.

Very encouraging. I look forward to deriving all these benefits. I however am a little scary about the possible discomfort of the insertion sites of the canola and CGMS. Do they stick well for 3/5 days and comfortable? I play golf and swim five days a week that make me sweaty. Would these sweats dislodge the adhesive of the stickers?

I am also a new pumper 554(since March). There was one day I couldn't warm up and I took a warm bath (I usually take showers) and the infusion site fell off. i was wondering how this is going to effect swimming in the summer months. I dont want to take off the infusion set everytime I enter the water for a longer period of time. Let me know please if you get any good solutions to this. I work out and the sweat hasn't had any effect to to adhesive so far...but summer is almost here.

The best adhesive I've found is Opsite Flexfix, really strong stuff. I'm not 100% sure it's up for swimming as I've only swum a couple of times and one of those was to try surfing and I didn't want to risk losing it so I just went without it.


Thanks for the advice.