New to Pumping

Hi everyone. I just got my pump (MM722) about 3 weeks ago and can’t believe the difference it has made. My sugars are so much better. I switched to an Endo about 2 months ago and within 2 weeks she had my numbers below 150. My FP never could get them below 240. The pump has made it even better.

I have been diabetic for 10 years now. My most recent A1c was 9.0 and hoping for even better next month.

Congrats Miranda and welcome to the wonderful world of pumping! I love my MM522. I swore, for 23 years that I’d NEVER BE ATTACHED TO SOMETHING. Now, you can’t take it away from me! And, congrats too on the lower BG. Your A1C will be sure to come down, but remember… slow and steady wins the race. Not too fast as that can cause problems.

Good for you Miranda!! I went onto the pump after 40 years of injecting - and the past 2 years have made me feel like I don’t have diabetes. Given me freedom - yes in the beginning abit of work to adjust to things (carb counting???) - but overall - it has paid off with better A1C’s (went from 7% to current 5.7%) - better health overall - I can eat when/if I want - not like a soldier anymore. I’m like Erin - didn’t want to be attached to a machine and now you can’t take away my Antonio Banderas (my pump has a name) - he is mine, mine, mine!!!

I call mine Panky (my personal pancreas). LOL. I like Antonio!

Darn - I wish I’d been more original - I like Panky better then Antonio!!! I like it when I start to take out my pump - and people think it’s a camera - and I tell them to SMILE for Antonio - then they look really confused (I have this way with people for some reason) as I proceed to punch in numbers since I’m bolusing. I explain that this is a pump and not a camera/cell phone - and that “its” got a pet name. Then they start to relax and realise they shouldn’t call 911 for the Looney Bin ambulance.