New To Pumping

I am considering getting a pump. Can anyone guide me in the direction

of what to look for? Is there anything important that I need to know

before getting a pump? What about brands and features? Is there a

feature that I must look for in a pump? Thanks…

Can’t share info but I’m also considering so I’ll be interested in feedback. I’ve actually decided I need a tubeless so I’m waiting for the new Solo by Mendingo, won’t be out until later this year. I’ll also check out the new Omnipod once they get it down to a smaller size which I think they’re suppose to be doing soon.

I just got my sample of Medingo, and it looks really nice. Although the remote looks kinda cheap and plain… I agree a wireless would most definitely be beneficial. I am sometimes a hard sleeper. I would be forced to wear pajamas w/ pockets I guess. I have a bad fear of snagging the tube or entire infusion set out of my skin.

The features you look for would depend on your lifestyle and what is important to you. There are a few manufacturers, and they make good pumps. My first pump was a Minimed 512, which was a solid little pump that gave me few problems. It just carried on and on. There are some good upgrades to that one, and worthwhile looking into the latest. Right now I’m with the Animas Ping, which has a meter that communicates and lets you control the pump from it, but it has had more problems, including communication errors and such, which have irritated me from time to time. But I know the pump is still good, and the errors are only intermittent, it’s just me. It’s also a good one if you’re into swimming and watersports. There’s a version that doesn’t include the remote meter as well. There’s also the Omnipod, which I have no experience with, and isn’t available here in Canada, so never bothered looking into, but I hear it’s good for those who don’t want to be “patched in”. The MM and Animas both use infusion sets, which you attach to you and are hooked up by a tube, which for the most part I haven’t found to be problematic (except very occasionally when the tubing catches on a doorknob or the pump unclips from my belt and falls to the floor and because I use a shorter line, it pulls out, but that’s just me).

I would seriously consider calling up the reps from each company and looking at each one. If you can spend the time test driving them, all the better (some will let you do so using saline). I didn’t, and just dove right in a few years ago, and haven’t looked back since. It was a worthwhile investment and pumps, no matter what model, are definitely worth it. I wouldn’t consider going back to MDI.

There are also groups right here at TuD specific for each type of pump, and if you have any questions, you could lurk, or, even better, join in the discussions and ask yoru questions. I’m sure many here are more than willing to share.

Did you get a sample Solo remote?? All I got was the actual stick on pump part.

No I only got a dummy base and reservoir. But I saw pictures of the remote from the material that I got. In my eyes, it looked like a piece of old technology.

Thank you Jamie, this helps a lot. I actually requested information from Animas Ping, it really looks like a nice product. The kind of health care plan I have, Omnipod would be too expensive for me. You’ve gave me a lot of information to work with… Thank you so much…

It’s a hard decision for me because I’ve always had excellent A1c’s. Hard to fix what ain’t broke!

They are really pretty durable, and the infusion sets stick on really tight. Some people use IV prep and such products that help them stick even tighter. I haven’t once had it pull out while I’m sleeping. I’ve heard some people just let it roam free on the bed while sleeping. I have trouble believing that would work (for me). I use a cell phone case with a softer (not hard plastic) clip. But now that cells are getting so much smaller, these are getting harder to come by. Blackberry cases also work, but they are a bit larger. You can also get softer ones online. And if you know someone who sews…

I’m sure there are many pumpers who can suggest many other sleeping solutions. Anyway, I digress, if my infusion set is attached to my right side, then I clip my pump to my pajama pants on my left. I sleep on my sides, so it works. I suppose if you like to sleep on your stomach, you could clip it to the back of your waistband.

I had a very dramatic drop from an 11% to an 8% in the first 3 months of being on the pump. What a great feeling that was.

As it’s been said before the two big players are Medtronic and Animas. Both have very similar features but two big differences are the Animas is waterproof and the bolus delivery rate is also much faster which some people might find uncomfortable. Another difference is the resevoir size. If your insulin requirements are higher and you need a 300 unit res. your only choice is Medtronic.

I know the feeling. I am using both Levemir and Novolog pens & my A1C is great! However, it does get tedious injecting for every meal, or when I am in public. For some reason, I can test in public, but i have problems giving myself a shot in public… Go figure??

The pump is no more than a tool, but for me it works much better than MDI. For me it offers tremendous flexibility. I don’t have to worry about what Lantus or other long term insulins are doing to me if I don’t get to eat when it peaks, because it offers a constant supply of Humalog to my system. It also allows me to run different background programs throughout the day, if my body needs more insulin at some parts of the day than others, it lets me do so. If I eat pizza or Chinese, which I would have tremendous highs several hours after the meal (likely due to high fat content), I can run a program which allows me to spread my dose out to smooth out those highs. Admittedly, it takes a while to get used to doing that, but the pumps’ software is pretty easy to set up, and the educators are great to set up the initial program so it’s not difficult at all. Also when you’re sick (or hormonal), you can easily increase or decrease your normal rates to bring yourself back into a normal range, usually by just adjusting a percentage. It sounds like it should be difficult, but once you get set up by a diabetes/pump educator, and it’s working for you, it’s really easy, and takes only a little tweaking from time to time.

So that’s the long winded way of saying that although MDI can work very well, the pump can enhance what you’ve got, and not necessarily break it.

Oooh, I remember this. In the ‘old days’ (and not so long ago) I really felt this way. I remember balancing all my stuff on my knees, sitting in a stall of a restaurant washroom, trying not to touch anything… not a good scene!! I love my pump for that. Nobody knows what I’m doing. I wear the pump on my belt, looks like anyone else with their cell, their blackberry or their iphone, and I only haul out my meter to test and dose. Sometimes I dose directly from my pump, but still, nobody knows. I feel like everyone else. What a nice feeling that is.

Just as a hint, if you are considering the Ping, be aware that the nice bright screen of the pump is very different from the screen of the meter. I was disappointed in this. I find the meter remote to be very arbitrary. The numbers are very small and difficult for me to read, even with the backlight. When I enter in my carbs into the meter, it is difficult to quickly enter the correct number in that, when I push the up arrow, it whooshes past my goal carb, and then I have to use the down arrow, in which case I tend to whoosh back down to zero. Perhaps it’s just me. I know many other people are extremely happy with the meter. Another thing I discovered, and should have realized before I got it, is that the range between the meter and the pump is supposed to be 10 ft. My experience is only about 4 ft, which is ok, but I envisioned it to be much further. At the beginning, I would forget and do the testing/dosing in the dining room, and then walk into the kitchen to finish dinner, and it would lose communication and cancel the dose. Very annoying. I have now trained myself to stay put for the duration (which isn’t really very long). I’ve also had a number of communication errors, and have had a number of calls to Animas about this. I’ve had to change channels due to interference (or some other kind of issue). I do really like the nice bright pump, but not so much the meter. Sometimes I will use other meters (from my collection), and enter it manually into the pump, it’s much faster for me that way.

I’m on Lantus and Novolog. Me to. I can test without taking anything out of my purse, just reach inside and complete it all without taking anything out. Shots -I’ve gotten pretty good at as long as I’m sitting in a booth but at a table in the middle of the room, not so good although I have done it, depends on how busy the restaurant is :slight_smile: That’s the main reason for considering a pump. There’s no way I could wear a remote though. I never wear belts, I think it’e easier for men. Having something always hanging off me or in a pocket! Yuck! We’ll see!

Hmmm. I would have never thought about that. I need to keep that in mind for physical activities…

LOL… I’ve even visited hospitals that where absolutely filthy! (of all places!!)

I guess it is a guy thing… LOL. It does feel more comfortable to have my cellphone attached to my belt rather than in my pocket… You’ve also indirectly raised a good point. I guess this means If I go for jury duty, I will need to go on shots because of the metal detectors?? Or anticipate any interference from any equipment that a restaurant maybe using??

The ping is great because you can stash it away and control it through the meter remote which I haul out of my purse. I’ve stashed it into my bra for the day which is very convenient at times. But I do choose to hook it to my waistband with a clip or a cell phone case usually.