New To Pumping

I don’t believe anyone has had any trouble with metal detectors in courts. They are easy enough to unhook if you need to for short time periods necessary and even if you don’t remove, they haven’t been a problem. For the most part they are plastic parts (I think).

im going with the tubeless omnipod because its covered and it’s really not that big, plus when they change things over i’ll be able to get the new slim one to (the pods are disposable)

When is the new one suppose to be out? Can you get a sample?

Here is a copy of an email I got from Medingo…

Thank you for your inquiry about the Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System!

We plan to launch the Solo MicroPump with a Personal Experience Program (PEP) in a limited geographic area during April-July 2010. Once the PEP is completed, we will expand availability. If you are interested in participating in the PEP or ordering the Solo System, please provide your name, address, phone, email and physician name. We will contact you as soon as Solo becomes available in your area. We have not released any pricing yet.



Susie Kagel
Customer Service Representative

Already done that, hope you call!!