New to pumps help!

I was looking into getting a pump, but I am unsure which ones are the best ones? I do not like long wires and not a fan of CGM because they are so far from accurate.

This is such a personal question and you will find someone will advocate for each pump. There really is no such thing as the "best" pump. They will all allow you to have variable basal rates, bolus with more precision than an injection, allow you to suspend or change your dose of insulin rapidly (unlike Lantus which you're stuck with). That being said, since you just said that you don't like long wires, you may want to consider Omnipod. It's a pod that sits on your skin. While it may initially look uncomfortable, Insulet will send you a demo pod that you can try on so you can see how it feels like. This isn't a trial -- you can't actually use it. But you can see how it feels to wear it. Personally, I really like it.

Everyone has different reasons for why they like their particular pump. Most of the reasons are very nuanced, so sometimes it's difficult to get opinions because everyone has different priorities for pumps. My advice is to work with your endo or CDE to set up appointments with local pump reps, so they can show you their pump and walk you through how they work, unique features, you can hold and play around with the menu. See what jives and seems like something you wouldn't mind being attached to 24/7.

None of the pumps currently available in the US require you to use a CGM. Medtronic's pump does automatically come with the sensor functionality, but you are not required to use the CGM in order to use the pump. Most of the other pumps are currently working on getting FDA approval for CGM integration, but I imagine you wouldn't be forced to use the CGM. It would just be an optional feature. However, they are actually surprisingly accurate in most cases and have been incredibly useful in getting my -- and many, many others -- A1Cs down. The Dexcom in particular has improved dramatically with the launch of the G4 Platinum. However, I respect your decision not to use it. It's not for everyone!

here's a pretty good comparison