New to the community....I hope to be a podder soon

Hi All I new to the site and new to podding I have just spent 3 days with the demo pod and have submitted my papaer work to the insurance company through edgepark as I have UHC insurance. I hope they dont turn my claim down becuase I need an insulin pump and cannot stand the tubing thought I have been watching omnipod for almost 2 yrs I never had insurance before it was to expensive so I hope to be a podder soon Thanks

I have been a podder for over a year. I used the MiniMed pump first. I liked the idea of no tubing!!! It is working out great for me. Easy to use, easy to change! I was lucky and my insurance did not care what kind of “pump” I used. OmniPod people helped make this a great experience! Good luck to you!

Thanks I hope to be going by the end of next week we will see…