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Hi there,

I am looking for some help getting in touch with a video game developer (or a few) who would be able to help a group of us with a project we are working on in a course related to our masters.

The project is an ‘active’ (think: nintendo wii) video game, designed for children aged 8-10 who have type one diabetes. The objective of the game is to facilitate healthy lifestyle management with respect to fitness and nutrition.

For those of you concerned with the specificity of the project, it is only a 4 month course so we really had to develop a focus. Hopefully with implementation a larger population would be reached.

Our group consists of 2 mechanical engineers, 1 biological engineer and 2 kinesiologists… none of whom have previous video game development experience.

We are simply looking for someone to provide advice and perspective related to game development, and really would appreciate any help we can get.

Thank you very much for your time!


I do suggest taking a look at a bad video game concept from the early 1990’s called “Captain Novolin” which, if you watch the videos, they suggest the game does very little to actually communicate genuine info., and the game wasn’t all that fun, either. The bottom line is that the game should be applicable to a general audience (hopefully educating them as well) not only a diabetes audience, or it gets panned by the critics and fails to accomplish its objective. Also, shy away from the overt marketing that was seen with a branded “Captain Novolin” (Novo Nordisk’s synthetic “human” insulin brand) and more on basics.


One of the biggest growing markets for video games is the casual game genre. Time management game and the hidden object games are the hottest. Both can be made for kids or adults or both. Go to Big Fish Games and Playfirst game and they both have various games buy different developers. Big fish is more diverse.
Hope it helps.
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