New to the Site

Hello, my name is Brian and I'm new to the site. I was diagnosed at age 29 (53 now) with T2.

I'm a new pumper...well almost.

My Medtronics 530G and CGM will arrive Tuesday. I cannot explain how exciting (not sure if that is the correct description) this is.

Weird things started happening last year. I have always had high BGs, maybe a handful of hypos over the years. Well that started to change. Started having lots of lows. I worked with my doctor and had him change me to Humulin N and Humalog from the 75/25 (and previously 50/50) mix. That seemed to work pretty good. I was in better control and reduced the lows considerably. Doc wanted me to get a pump last year, but it just was not financially possible. I've got a very high deductible and would have to pay all of the cost out of pocket.

Well, more weirdness has been happening the last few months since having been diagnosed with A-fib, occluded coronary stents, OSA, Kidney Stones, and five or six stays in the hospital. I've been having a LOT of hypo's lately, some bad, some really bad. Not sure how I've stayed out of the ER for a couple. For example, I got down to 33 overnight Monday! Lots of 40's and 50's in the weeks leading up to that. All at random times during the day and night. Very little change in diet or activity level: No real pattern. (Well maybe...I've been looking into the diurnal variances in ICRs lately and that seems to be the key.)

Thanks :-( to the other medical issues, I've reach my maximum out of pocket and the pump will be paid at 100% I guess that means the CPAP machine will be covered too.

Hat tip to the folks at Medtronics. They could not have made this any process any easier. I filled out a form online, had two phone conversations to confirm information, and the pump was on it's was in about a week!

Looking forward to get started pumping. The adjustable basal rates, Threshold Suspend, and the predictive alerts are major points of interest right now.

he last sentence of your post kinda sums up the wonderful benefits of pumping - tailoring the insulin delivery to you. Congrats.

Thanks. I am so looking forward to it. I've already completed all the Medtronic online training and viewed all their video's on YouTube. The pump arrives tomorrow and I might just have it all programmed and ready to go when I see the doctor Wednesday morning :-)

Have you done recent basal testing, IC and CF confirmation testing on your MDI doses yet. You will need confirmation of your current dose accuracy befor going live. The switch from MDI to pumping can require a 25% or larger reduction in your rates. And if you have been having that many ramdom lows recently I'll bet your current numbers are off.
Make sure you have flash carbs on hand correct lows as your pump start may be rocky with out up-to-date and accurate dosing information, even with accurate info it can be a huge change.

We are a growing in numbers, us Type 2 pumpers. I'm like you, a long term T2, I was diagnosed in my mid thirties, I'm 57 now . I started with my pump 18 months ago and I have not looked back. Pumping was a good decision for me.

Congrats on the new pump.

Yes thanks to the information you and others provided in another thread, I'm halfway done and will finish tomorrow with the basal testing. It has confirmed some of my suspicions already.

The recent lows are a new phenomenon that have only been occurring in the past 6-8 weeks. I think I know the cause(s) but need to wait for blood-work results to confirm. (Other health issues.)

You folks have been a wealth of knowledge...I've been reading for weeks before joining.