New to this site!

I just wanted to say Hi to everyone!
i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when i was pregnant for my last child back in 2004,and i had hoped it would have went away after i delivered but that was not the case,I now have type 2 and have been in denial with it for 3 yrs,and have just recently woke up and relize this is not going to go away and i need to start taking care of myself,not just for me but because my kids need me to be here,I have alot of weight to lose also…so im looking for all the sopport i can get!thanks for reading,
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Hi Jacklyn -
I am new to this site too. I am a type 2 (diagnoised 4 1/2 yrs ago). I have been in denial and basically trying to keep diabetes from changing “my life”. It’s hasn’t worked. I now know that I have to change. My doctors say I need to lose 40 pounds. I hope we can help each other. I can also use everyone’s support.

Hi Diane,
The hardest problem for me with diabetes is that i have eating disorder that i want to over eat all the time .Specialy when i’m stressed out like i feel most of the time,so i can see this is going to be a real struggle for me.So i hope by coming here and t a few other sites i can get better sopport,thanks for replying…HAppy Hollidays!

Welcome Diane and Jacklyn:)
Jacklyn, I too am dealing with diabetes after an eleven pound five ounce tiny boy:) sigh… the diabetes stuck close with me.
I think the hardest thing is getting thru the mental part of needing to change our lifestyles. I dont think I have an eating disorder so much as I spent a small portion of my life homeless. I learned to eat whenever I was given the opportunity and to stuff my tummy and pockets for later meals. I was also a child from a very low income family. sigh… we didnt have alot to eat and “mom” didnt know that we could get free lunches. LOL! My sister and I brought a one pint jar with warm water and one chicken boulion cube and 6 crakers each for lunch. I still find my biggest problem being eating when I’m not really hungry or emotional eating.
I hope that we can all start this year out and keep it going in a healthier direction. Let’s keep encouraging each other. If we fall short; it’s ok to fess and then get the “huggles” we need to get back on track again.
Huggles and Happy New Year to All:)