New to this!

So I made this profile years ago and never really used it. I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 14 but never really payed much attention to it because I wanted to be like a “normal” teenager. I have really neglected my health by partying hard like binge drinking all the time and smoking marijuana which gave me the huge munchies!! I am ready for a lifestyle change and wanted to become part of this community so I won’t feel so alone fighting this battle since I know no one else with type 1 diabetes.

Welcome ADI! You are going to find lots of support here!

Welcome Adi. You will find support and information here!!

God Bless

Welcome ADi!

welcome Adi. you are in the right place.Why don't you join our chat room.

Hi ADI! It was nice to see you in the chat room. And we are glad you join us here at TuD. You will find lots of support here. So please share your trails and and you success...and we will cheer you on!

If we did a survey of the members to determine the number who neglected this diabetes at some point, I imagine the percentage who is is close to 50%. As a type 1 I also neglected my diabetes and like you I came to this site not for preaching, which you will not find, but support which you will find. Hang in there and we are so glad you found us.