New to Tresiba Type1 Adult Switching from Lantus

Switching from Lantus nightly injecting to Tresiba and looking for input, positive or negative with regards to dosage, ratio, adjustment time, activity or diet level vs highs or lows (hyper vs hypo). Also taking Humalog for Boluses ~35-40 unit/day sliding scale based on carbs & protein.

Utilizing the APP on my cell phone and/or Ipad to track foods and beverages which tracks exactly the amount of carbs (also, Net Carbs=Carbs minus Fiber), Fats, Proteins which I then use a Free spreadsheet app (also on my phone) and a simple formula which I enter the grams of Carbs in one cell, the grams of protein in another cell to calculate units of Humalog required. I also take a snapshot of the time and enter both the units take and the screenshot of time in the LoseIt app meal log and that’s it. (No one said Type 1 diabetes is easy but, this really makes it very simple and very accurate.) You must be honest with exactly what you ate and how much to get the best results.

The app has a search feature that can find literally ANYTHING you can eat or drink whether from home, grocery store restaurant and even the ability to create and enter your own recipes, portion the recipe and determine calories by portion size. Very powerful app.

The information on LoseIt tracks daily, weekly and monthly log information, tracks trends, goals, weight loss, glucose readings even how much water you drink and, is downloadable to any spreadsheet for review. It even posts daily log results to your email if desired.
I’m sorry for the long winded post, no intention of sounding like a sales rep for the app, just wanted to share how excited I ma that I found something useful for type 1 diabetic to help manage my daily activities.

I have had a few great responses so far and I know there must be many more out there. Please feel free to share.
Thanks to all…hang9392

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I used to use Lantus and now use Tresiba. No change. I use 12 units of Tresiba in the morning. Hope this helps you.

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Wow! That isn’t much. I take 66 units of Lantus. First night I was a little leery so I only took 60 units of Treciba. I was over 400 when I woke up in the morning. I was scared of having a low during the night. Last night I took the full 66 units and I was fine this morning @ 121.
Thank you for your response.

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For breakfast I had a bunch of stuff and one piece of toast. For lunch I had pork and Chinese vegetables and two spoons of steamed rice. For dinner I will have a nice salad, one filet of beef medium rare and two bites of baked potato. Do you see the pattern? Lots of veggies and meat, and carefully count the carbs.

It is not punishment. I don’t feel put upon. I just concentrate on how bad it feels to run hyper high and how washed out I feel running hypo low.

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