New to TU But not the D

My name is Jo and I have LADA - have been on insulin since 2003... was diagnosed in 2002.

My diagnosis was a relief as I was so poorly, the GP assumed cancer at one point.. and GP didn't check BM.. it was only when I was at a First Aid event that one of my collegues was doing some training for other members of staff asked to check my BM so they know what to do... it was 23.8mmols - he rechecked it and then sent me to hospital, they diagnosed Type 2 originally on metformin then novomix 30; then when moved consultant in Cambs... LADA and now on Humalog and Lantus

Things aren't too bright for me as I have been suffering major depressive illness, and now background retinopathy... have had some kidney damage also...

I enjoy reading, walking my dog and love spending time with my boyfriend.

Hope to get involved - speak soon

Welcome to TuDiabetes!

Happy to see you here Jo.
I do hope you will find the site most informative and supportive.Welcome!

Hi Jo,

Welcome! Wonderfully supportive people here to share with, so don’t be shy.