New TSA Screening rules. They can make us go through scanners


I understand - thanks. This is very, very helpful. So much to think about for this trip, and this now feels like one less worry. :slight_smile:

Yes! I found that thread as well!!


I fly a lot between Orlando and New Orleans, always on Southwest. I almost always am TSA approved, that is I only have to go through the metal detector, not the body scanner. On the rare occasions when I am not TSA approved and go through the body scanner I always get “caught”. TSA has me touch my pump and sometimes the CGM too, swipes my hands, runs the swab through their detector and sends me on my way. By that time my wife has recovered our carry-on and we head to our gate. Not much delay or hassle…except the one time they pulled me aside, searched through my carry-on suitcase and backpack then, barefoot, walked me and my stuff to one of the private rooms. Two guys then walked me through a pat down. It was actually kind of funny. One officer explained where and how the other was going to “pat” for each part of me and asked if I understood. It got to the point where I wanted to say to them “despite what I tell my wife, there is nothing special about me. I spent 4 years in the Marines and have been in countless doctors’ exam rooms, let’s just get this done.” I didn’t and just smiled inside at the silly procedure they had to use. In the end, they found nothing dangerous, opened the door and left. My only irritation was that they left the door open and while I always remained dressed, I was a bit dishelved and would have appreciated some privacy to get shirt tucked in, pump back in place, etc.
Of course they never told me if I was chosen by random or if they found something on my hands. And that is why I love to see “TSA Approved” on my boarding pass.


I generally travel once per year internationally, each to different countries. Since the body scanners have been introduced, I’ve been a consistent customer of the opt out/pat down. I agree with some other posters that most international airports still have a regular metal detector and when they do, I walk through those with both my pump and CGM without any issues. But I avoid the body scanners.

I don’t mind the public pat down but have always been offered a private location for them (which I turn down). I could see how people who might be unexpectedly thrown into the public pat down without realizing that requesting a private location could be a jarring experience.

In the past few years while traveling through the Middle East, I had my first experience (with a pat down) where the agent was not as familiar with the devices and strongly suggested that I should really have a doctor’s note with me. (For the last decade I have rarely traveled with the note/prescriptions.) So when I traveled this year (via Europe to a less common destination), I made sure to have a letter…which was never needed. In fact, during my European transfer where they did another TSA-type pat down, the agent called me “bionic.” :slight_smile:

I feel like the risk of potential mechanical errors is way more problematic than giving myself a time cushion at the airport and going through the pat down. I value the piece of mind that comes with both my devices working correctly too much to risk a bit of convenience in the security check process. If I were being pressured to go through the body scanner, I would escalate the issue and insist on speaking with an agent with decision-making authority, discuss the life-sustaining importance of these devices and their monitary value, but would NEVER joke about them being potential explosive devices (which my husband has occasionally joked about while waitig in line, to my death stares…I feel like if anyone were to overhear, there is a very real possibility of being pulled out of line and into an interregation booth for hours of questioning).


It is troubling indeed. I fear it is part of this new political climate of paranoia and “us vs. them,” unfortunately. I signed up for Global Entry and Pre-Check years ago. Not only does it get me through security much more quickly, but I can avoid the scanners entirely. It’s well worth the money to sign up for Pre-Check, at minimum.


Unfortunately, the pat downs are about to get worse…

Hard to believe people getting pat downs were getting weapons by the TSA. Much more likely, in my opinion, that they missed them in the scanner. But what do I know…

Maybe this year they will start hire masseuses and charge for the pat down.


Yikes - it says you’re really going to notice a more intimate pat down.


When you say CGM…I assume you are talking the receiver?


This seems recommended by several people. Definitely something I will look into!


My last “pat down” in November was literally swabbed my hands, feet, walker… and swiped a hand down my back.

But I’m middle aged, white, and disabled.

The Indian guy who went through the next lane practically got a cavity search, despite being in the Pre-Check line. It is infuriating. There are no standards from one TSA checker to the next, and it’s definitely dangerous to “fly while brown.”


I travel a lot - I have gone through all types of scanners - the full body scan and the metal detector - with both a T:Slim and a MM Revel. I have never ever had a problem. Just to avoid the pat down - I typically put the pump in the container with my keys, etc. Could it cause a problem? I suppose - just has never happened to me and I am more interested in getting on my way. I also have a G4 Dexcom - which - with full body scan will show - but with metal detector - no.

I dunno - i really don’t think you will “lose your pump”.


I travel frequently as well, and am on the Pre Check list. I haven’t been asked to go through a scanner in years. Metal detector, and they don’t bother to pat me down. Might be worth the $85 for 5 years just to avoid the scanners for those wearing pumps and CGMs!


As long as they buy me dinner and a movie I’m fine with an “intimate” pat down…ROFLMAO!!!


While using a Ping pump, I was advised scanner was metal detector. When I advised Animas, I was told to cease use immediately. I was given a replacement and was told if it happened again there would be no replacement. I do think that the burden of information is on manufacturer who should supply pump users with identity warning cards for use while traveling and for when pump users encounter ignorant xray techs.