New Tubeless Pump!

Yep, both OmniPod & Solo are “pay-as-you-go.” All this means is that with a standard pump, you (or insurance) will pay a lot ($5k +) up front for the pump. Then you pay for disposable items like infusion sets and insulin reservoirs. The tubeless systems cost a lot less up front ($800-$1,250 for OmniPod depending on deal and nobody knows for the Solo), but the supplies (the replaceable pods) cost more than the supplies for a standard pump. At some point the tubeless will cost more, but you have the advantage (especially if you don’t have insurance) of paying less up front with the cost spread out over several years, thus the term pay-as-you-go. CGM integration (with DexCom) and smaller pod size are both comin either later this year or next for the OmniPod system. As Joyce points out below, the Solo system is just starting up and the info is mainly marketing stuff and not very detailed for now.

I very glad you have you OmniPod appointment! Let us know how you like it. I don’t see my endo until next month, so I will be waiting a while.

I hope they dont have the billing issues and the problems Insulet has with companies paying for pods…
I like the idea of the on-unit bolus… yes its a bit bigger, but its less disposable than an omnipod… and you can replace the cradle and the insulin resevoir separate from the pump itself… Less of an enviormental impact… And if you cant find your PDM you can bolus in a pinch… The actual device name from the literature i got is the Solo by Medingo… Seems to a similar adhesive to the Omnipod, so if you have problems with that adhesive… you can do the Tegraderm / IV3000 thing…

I actually found the weighted demo pump more comfortable than the omnipod and stuck better, even though it takes up a bit more surface area… I think its because theres a larger area to adhere to…

I think thats why there are two buttons to bolus… yes they are difficult to push but I think its a safety lock so you dont bump-press the built in buttons… kinda have to give it a little oomph to activate… Im guessing how it works is you have to click them both in at the same time for whatever unit increment its set to…
its more of a backup feature than something designed for everyday use… I.E. oops i cant find the PDM and I ate… do the Insulin to carb in your head and rough it…

Many insurances in the states do NOT cover pens!.. Not kidding…
I ended up for a while paying out of pocket for mine…

Thanks Dan!! you help me lots… well im just hoping that my parents can afford it, that is awesome paying less without insurance that may help me more because i dont think i have one of those because has been only 3 months after dx so everything has been so fast.
But well i have to hit the book
Really appreciate all your help, thnkss
Diana =).

Untill you get caught by a piece of furniture anyways… or when dropping your trousers and it falls off your belt or pulls… :wink:

Pens are great but the Memoir is Memorable :wink:
It helps me remember when i dont have my log immediately on me, and i can enter the last few doses of insulin into my Ultrasmart when i forget to do it immediately after…Also can go and see uh when was the last time i gave myself an injection… Moved to the pump but that was one of the more useful tools in my arsenal…

Insulin pen with dose memory and time stamp
Accuchek Multiclix
One Touch Ultrasmart…

If your not a good paper logger… these tools together can help you keep better tabs on your D with less pain.(and with the multiclix, less pain and less chance of infection because its easier to change, and convienient to change your lancet)

I’m curious about Symlin. Can you use Symlin for weight management for a short period of time? I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and I know I’ve got of lot weight to drop once the baby arrives. I’m wondering if I can use Symlin to help me loose the weight and then drop it once I reach my goal.

I have found that Medingo will answer emailed questions promptly.

For showering, the cannula stays in and personally I don’t see any advantage to taking the micropump off.

Solo does not come with an integrated meter.

I think the adhesive for Solo and Omni is the same “hypafix”, so if you are getting irritation, be prepared to
to utilize various solutions.

Old news to me, i found it by googling “insulin pumps”

I’ve had samples of both for several months. Put the Solo on and completely forgot I was wearing it unlike the Omni which was downright uncomfortable by comparison. Adhesive seems the same. From what I’ve learned; You don’t waste insulin when removing the solo, you can leave it on when showering and you can bolus right from the pod unlike the Omni. Solo is begining by trying the pump in small areas to build up their support system before offering it nationwide. The reason for not getting quick resposes is because they’re not in production yet even though I’ve gotton several resposes quite quickly. Omnipod is an established company. They’re still building the support system so I wouldn’t pass judgement based on that!

Have you heard any other information on the lunch date? The company was just sold on april 13 2010?

I have… Roche/Disetronic has supposedly purchased the Solo from Medingo…
I think they have plans for it to become a Disetronic product, along with the Spirit and Spirit Combo (not avalible in the US>>>GRRR)

I’ve been trying to figure out what their next step is, all I can find is a global lunch for 2012, but nothing about the states, they still have contact names for the states listed on their web. I was interviewed for a support line job and the company still hasn’t heard back from medingo.

Well, I opted for the OmniPod, and now I’ve been on it alittle over a month. I feel like a ‘normal’ person again! I’ve had ZERO problems, and it fits perfectly with the historical re-enacting I do, and with wearing 18th Century clothing. I’m really glad I changed!

the Solo has been bought out by Accu-Chek/Roche… Stay tuned…

Actually, Roche purchased Medingo, which is the portion of the company that developed the Solo.

That could be what delayed the launch. I think they should have sent those of us who got the dummy pumps some updated literature, because they did tell us that they would start trials in early 2010.

Manny posted the press release.

Same here with the OmniPod rep. Within an hour of signing up for the demo i had an email, and he replied to me within usually a half hour! I even got an email from him in the middle of the night! I was really impressed.
He had to drive from the next state over to train me, and he didn’t seem bothered by it at all… i’m really happy with Insulet just for their support, and i’m really glad i chose them. Omnipod has been fantastic!!

I haven’t had any problem sleeping on it. I can usually sleep on it even if it’s on my arms, and on my stomach i completely forgot about it.
You completely forget it’s there after you’ve had the pod on for about 15 minutes. You just get used to it and forget about it.

I was just thinking about insulin pumps and remembered the Solo. I see that just has a signup form for information and I had forgotten how long it had been until I saw this thread. Seems the device will never be.