New type 1

I was diagnosed 24 July 2008, in a coma with DKA, an a1c of over 15, and blood sugar at 693 in the ER. They kept me for 8 days on IVs, training me how to take care of myself.

The first day out of the hospital, I had my first low (mid-40s) because I was trying to do too much. By October I’d joined the 5% club. The wonderful thing about insulin is that I continue to feel better than I did before. I never want to go back into DKA–it felt awful. My most recent A1C was in January–5.7–and I run fairly evenly. Except that week I was on steriods for my wrist. I took about twice as much insulin as normal and still didn’t see anything below about 150.

I’m 34 years old, female. I’m a graduate student in Creative Writing, starting the program in the fall (right now I’m taking one class as a non-degree seeking student) for my MFA. Hopefully, I’m going to be a graduate teacher–for Freshman Comp–but I won’t know that for another bit. I read a lot, write a lot, sing, dance, cross-stitch, baby-sit my nieces and nephews. I’m the oldest of 6 kids, and have 4 younger sibs who are married. What else.

Well, I’m the only t1 in the family. In fact, for 3 generations, I’m the first to have any diabetes. Just lucky, I guess.

Hi teowyn,

Good to see you. Hope things have been going well for you. The crowd over here seems to be very friendly and helpful


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Welcome to TuDiabetes, Teowyn and congratulations on your wonderful numbers!

Hi Teowyn,

Welcome to the T1 club…lol…I am also a only lucky person with T1 in all of my family which are huge in numbers on both sides. Misdiagnosed in '06 as type 2. Had DKA with kidney failure in '08, no complications!!! Rediagnosed in '09 as type 1… Have not experience any low below 54, my body starts freaking out around 60 so I know its low. Congrats on the A1C, that is awesome!!! I am still working my way down that road…lol

Dont be a stranger!

Rye :slight_smile:

Welcome to TuDiabetes! I hope that you will feel right at home!

Same story for me…solo T1 in all the family. Lucky us.