New user - nervous about depending so much on a machine

anybody else feel this way? worried I will forget it at home etc. how have you handled this?

I just think my life depends on this thing and I have never forgotten it. Just becomes intuitive I guess.

just like you wouldnt leave home without your insulin and supplies.. luckily you are a woman and carry a purse, not as easy for men and boys! it is a transition, there is worry but alot more ease and discretion in delivering insulin, happy pumping and ask away if you have questions. amy

At first I was but it becomes part of your daily living. You don't leave home without it (and a couple of spares!!)

My son often forgets his. Its very frustrating, but we just go back and get it. My daughter very rarely forgets hers. We just do our best to remind him.

Life in general is tough work. I'd like to use some analagies here to simplify a perspective...

As we progress in the human race, we make things that allow us to simplify our lives. If you look at history, we were very concerned about the car when it was created too. but now it's a staple part of many parts of the World. In the past, and even more now we make electronics and machines of all sizes and types to improve our lives.

Now, just like a car, we have to monitor and control these devices. You have to maintain it, and "drive" it. So, even though you may have chosen to use a machine to help with your diabetes it's not a free ride. You must just like driving a car, pay attention. It doesn't control you, you control it. There will be road bumps, and flat tires as you continue on the journey with your machines.

Or, another way to look at it, don't depend on the machine. Depend on your full control over using the machine. Depend on your ability to be in full control.

Hope that perspective helps out.

It's really insulin you are dependent on. The same thing could happen to you if you forgot your fast insulin syringes or pens. The pump is no different in that regard...if you forgot your pens or syringes you would be in the same boat.

In the case of the the Omnipod, if you forgot the PDM, the pod would still deliver basal insulin just fine, you just couldn't bolus.

Bang on pilot, I must say, its nice to be able to leave my pdm on my desk while I go about my various meetings at the office and have the basal keep doing its thing on its own. After being diabetic for 35 years, you tend to know where you're "stuff" is and very rarely (twice in my life) leave it behind.

Remember, you don't have to have it near you in order for the pod to continue to work. If you forget it while out running errands, just don't eat until you get home. I agree with others that it's similar to any other way you would manage your D--inconvenient when you forget, but not the end of the world.

Forgot mine one time and only b/c I took it out of my purse at my mom's house. Figured out I forgot it quickly, retrieved it and have never had a problem since. I keep my case inside my purse so it's always with me!

I think everyone else pretty much covered it. If you forget your PDM, you are fortunate enough to still get your basal so you'll be inconvienenced by not being able to eat until you have a bottle/syringe or pen handy.

Thanks all. Good responses. I DID forget it at home the other night and didn't figure it out till I was an hour away. Brand new....didn't remember and relax about the basal still working....cut my evening short and drove home. Live and learn, I guess!


I JUST got mine tuesday! I LOVE IT!

The way I saw it, I couldnt go out without my insulin pens either, and I already live on my iphone, so its no biggie to remember. I think with time, getting used to using it everytime you eat, and so on, you wouldnt have a problem.

I have forgot mine once or twice (I've had it for about 5 years I think). I keep needles & a little bit of insulin in my purse. That way, if I happen to forget my PDM, I can just give myself a shot to cover what I'm eating. Not ideal, but in a pinch it works.